Symptoms & Coping with Fatigue During Pregnancy

You plan on reading a book and after reading a few lines, you just fall asleep in your chair! Is falling asleep without your knowledge becoming more common? Sleep, sleep, sleep! Is this the activity your brain keeps telling your body to do all the while?

During pregnancy, fatigue is the most common symptom. You need to understand that your body is busy making a new life inside you. This is more than a reason for you to become cranky and feel fatigue in the early weeks or the first trimester.


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In the first trimester, your body is getting used to the idea that you are pregnant and in the second trimester, your energy levels take a dip again as your body slowly prepares itself for the new arrival.

In the third trimester, your body is carrying more weight than usual and prepares itself for the labor and the delivery. So throughout your pregnancy, your body is doing something or the other which results in fatigue.

Tips for Coping With Fatigue During Pregnancy

Since fatigue is unavoidable, here are a few things you can do to make yourself feel comfortable and overcome it.
  • Go to Bed Early: The first and foremost thing that you can do is go to bed early. Grab as many winks as possible to wake up refreshed, and energetic. In pregnancy, your body needs ample rest, so there is nothing wrong in turning in early to bed.
  • Nap When You Can: Take a quick catnap as and when possible. You need not sleep for long, even a nap of 15 minutes will do you a whole lot of good. This will improve your spirit and you will feel energetic, post-nap.
  • Eat Frequent Meals: Instead of gorging on a whole lot of food at once, divide your meals. Take frequent meals in small portions at regular intervals. This will keep your energy levels up and will prevent you from feeling sluggish.
  • Exercise Daily: Following a light exercise regime will boost your body’s endorphins and aid in better blood circulation. Besides this, taking a walk will also help you breathe some fresh air.

    Mild exercise will not only keep you energetic and up throughout the day, but will also put you off to sleep like a baby at night.
  • Eat Healthy: Besides eating small portions of food frequently and at regular intervals, you need to ensure that you eat, healthy. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also drink plenty of water. Stay away from junk food as they tend to zap the energy levels and you will end up feeling tired and sluggish.
  • Avoid Too Much of Work: The lesser you work; less tired you are likely to feel. Your baby will also appreciate a rested mommy! Doing minimal work is not bad a bad idea. Also, avoid any strenuous work that will make you feel tired.
  • Get a Nice Pillow: Getting a nice pillow will help you get rid of body aches, particularly backaches. A good pillow will also help you get rid of leg cramps. When these painful areas are taken care of, you will sleep well, and wake up with your spirits, high.

It is difficult to get rid of fatigue during pregnancy, altogether. However, following the above tips will definitely help put some energy in you to cope with it.

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