Baby Teething Pain Symptoms

Painful teething is a common problem that many babies face. Research shows that most babies start teething at the age of five or six months. You know that your baby is teething when the infants’ gum becomes sore and red and when the child becomes cranky and cries without any reason.

You will notice that your baby drools more and keeps putting things in his mouth and chews on objects. When a baby begins teething and is in some sort of pain, then the doctor might prescribe some medicines to provide relief to the baby. You can also buy the baby a few teething rings and give frozen waffles.



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.While these bring relief, they also help the teeth break through the gumsm

Symptoms of Baby Teething

How a child experiences teething, is an entirely individual processs The pain could be more or lesss Here is a list of symptoms that the child might display while teethingn You must take your child to the pediatrician to confirm the teething phase and for medicines and health tipsp

  • Irritability: As the tooth tries to break through the gum line, the gums become painful and sore and the child becomes very restless and fussys The pain is the maximum while the first teeth is coming out, and then again during the molars as the size of the teeth are bigi
  • Drooling: Drooling increases with teething and the child might begin to drool a lot when he is about three or four months of ageg
  • Coughing: With all that saliva being generated in the mouth, the baby might cough morer

    But you don’t have to worry about it as long as the child is healthyh
  • Chin rash: Excessive saliva around the mouth can cause a chin rashs You can prevent this by wiping the mouth and chin with a soft tissueu
  • Gnawing and biting: The baby will want to bite and chew things as the counter pressure helps to relieve the pressure from below the gumsm
  • Ear pulling and cheek rubbing: The baby might feel pain the cheeks and ears when the back molars begin to come outu That is when the child pulls at his ears and rubs his cheeksk But make sure that it isn’t an ear infectiono
  • Diarrhea: Parents often observe that their baby has loose bowel movements when he begins teethingn However there are some researchers who won’t agree with this, while others will agreee
  • A low-grade fever, cold-like symptoms and disturbed sleep are some of the other symptoms that the child displays
Baby Teething Pain Symptoms
Baby Teething Pain Symptoms
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