What are the Symptoms and Remedies of Baby Teething?

Baby teething time can be quite stressful and upsetting for both the child and the parents. The process starts with the breaking through of the first set of teeth, through your infant’s gums. These primary teeth show up quite early and can cause rather trying times for everyone involved.

The baby teething age could vary but it usually beings to crop up when the child reaches the age of six months. However, don’t be alarmed if your little one begins to show signs of teething as young as three months or even as late as a year.



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.The development is such that once your little one reaches the age of approximately three, the 20 primary teeth will already be in placec If you look closely you will notice that the first to come up are generally your child’s lower front teetht

Symptoms during baby teething time

There are a number of things you can do once your baby begins to show signs of teething, to make him or her feel a lot more comfortablel But first, watch out for baby teething symptoms like the usual fussinesss It’s easy to mistake a teething baby with one that is simply being fussys What you need to understand is that your little one is genuinely experiencing discomfort and has no other way of letting you knowo The pain and swelling is what makes the baby so cranky and difficult to handlel You might not discover the cause at first because it takes about 4 days for visual evidence such as the first sight of that tooth to showo

These symptoms typically go away without any problems once the tooth comes throughg It’s interesting to note that some infants don’t show any symptoms since they don’t appear to be bothered by this teething processs  Baby teething fever is another possibility but this should be a mild onen Other baby teething problems include rash due to drooling and a tendency to bite things and even their fingersr Another sign of teething is refusal to consume food because of the sorenesss

Remedies for Baby Teething

A gentle rub for the gum could help your child but make sure that you wash your hands well so that your fingers are completely cleana A cold teething ring can also be used for this rubu About 2 minutes should make your baby feel better, even though he or she might not want the intrusion initiallyl Prevent your baby from biting unsafe objects by proving alternatives like teething ringsg

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