Fainting in Early Pregnancy

Feeling dizzy during pregnancy is nothing to be worried about as your cardiovascular system is prone to changes such as a higher heart rate, the heart pumping more blood and the blood in the body increasing by around 40 percent to support the child as well. Your blood pressure may also decrease at the onset of pregnancy, achieve its lowest point during mid pregnancy and then rise back to normal at the end of pregnancy.

The cardiovascular system is capable of adjusting to these changes, but occasionally it falters, bringing on the feeling of dizziness and light headedness.

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.faint during pregnancy, stop what you are doing immediately and lie downw Lying on your left side would be the best position possible as it increases the blood flow to your heart and the faintness is likely to passs If you are in a place where you cannot do that, at least sit down and if possible put your head between your kneese

Conditions During Fainting in Early Pregnancy

This is to ensure that if you do faint, you do not fall and injure yourself or the babyb Some of the causes of feeling fainting during pregnancy include standing up too fast as the blood pools in your feet and legs and enough blood does not return to your heart causing you to feel faintn  Avoid lying flat on your back as well as this increases the pressure on the inferior vena cava, increasing the heart rate and causing a drop in the blood pressurer If you lie down on your side instead, the pressure on the vena cava is released and the faintness will soon passs

If you are not eating adequately or drinking enough fluids or if you are anaemic and have a tendency to hyperventilate, you may again feel a bit dizzyz If your fainting is food related, eat a few pieces of fruit or a few bites of sandwich to immediately relieve the feeling of faintnesss Keep enough fluid handy to battle the drop in blood pressurer

If, however, you are feeling faint too often and fainting during pregnancy becomes quite common, you may want to consult your health care provider as especially if it is accompanied by a blurring of vision, palpitations, speech impairment and a severe headacheh If the dizziness is accompanied by abdominal pain, go to your doctor immediately as it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancyc

Fainting During Pregnancy
Fainting During Pregnancy
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