Foods To Give A Toddler Experiencing Bouts of Vomiting

Any toddler that suffers sever bouts of vomiting is in danger of being dehydrated because of the spewing of fluids from the body. When you are faced with the difficulty of comforting a toddler who is vomiting violently, it is imperative that you remain calm and tell the child that he is going to be alright.

Meanwhile, it is also necessary that you give your vomiting toddler plenty of fluids in order to keep him from getting dehydrated. The most common cause for a toddler beginning to vomit is the probability of his having contracted a bacterial infection of the stomach .



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. or the digestive tractc Other possible reasons could be put down to a toddler being overfed or a toddler who throws a tantrum and vomits because of the excessive cryingn The latter two causes, however, would most often cause your toddler to throw up just once, but when a child has a series of bouts of vomiting, it is indicative of an underlying causes There are numerous options of treatment for toddler vomitingn

Foods During Toddler Vomiting

Toddler vomiting treatment includes giving your child fluids to drink, not all at once, but spread out over frequent intervalsl The biggest mistake that most parents make is in giving their toddlers too much to drink at one timem The digestive system is strained when your child is experiencing bouts of vomiting, and all that the body needs is the required amount of nutrition to function normallyl

If you do feel the need to feed your child some food, make sure that they are semi solid foods such as bananas, toast, apple sauce and rice, which are easier to digest than complete meals of solid foodsd Treatment for vomiting toddlers also include avoiding milk or any milk products when they are experiencing bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, as milk will tend to worsen the conditiono Fruit juices are recommended because they contain a large amount of nutrients required by the body and they are easy to digests

When your child is experiencing violent bouts of vomiting, your presence will mean a loto This also requires you, as the parent, to remain calm and reassure your sick toddler that he will soon be back to good healtht Cleaning up after your toddler and making him feel comfortable will definitely help in easing the difficulty that your child is facingn If your child continues to bring up after frequent intervals, it is best advised that you contact your pediatrician for further medical advicec

Treat Vomiting In Toddlers
Toddler Vomiting Treatment
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