Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments for Pink Eye in Toddlers

Pink eye symptoms in a toddler usually manifests in redness of the eyes and crusty layers forming around the rims of the lower eyelids. These are also the most common tell tale signs of pink eye in toddlers and could be caused either by bacterial infections or allergic reactions.

Bacterial infections that cause pink eye in toddlers can be passed on from parents as well as other children with whom the child is in contact. Personal items, such as tissue paper and towels are also responsible for the spread of pink eye, to a certain extent.


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Parents who have sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are also responsible for pink eye infections that occur in infants. If a mother has either of the two sexually transmitted diseases, the bacterial is passed on through the body fluids and comes in contact with the new born infant's eyes, causing a bacterial pink eye infection. If a parent is known to have a sexually transmitted disease, doctors will most often put the parent onto some form of medication during the pregnancy itself to reduce and possibly eliminate the risk of pink eye in the infant.

Treatment for Toddler Pink Eye

Besides this, doctors will administer antibiotic eye drops to a child immediately after birth to destroy any bacterial infection that may be present. Allergic reactions that cause pink eye in toddlers are not contagious and are usually caused by an allergen to which the child's immune system reacts.

Dust and pollen form a major part of allergens that cause pink eye and parents must be careful to keep their homes dust and pollen free if they know that their toddler suffers from allergic pink eye. Any signs of pink eye in toddlers, calls for parents to check whether their child has a bacterial infection or is suffering an allergic reaction and then take decisive steps to soothe their toddler.

Pink eye is a condition that usually cures itself within a matter of days. However, since there is a lot of irritation caused to the eyes, doctors will recommend an antibiotic eye drop or ointment to soothe the eyes and help get rid of the bacteria at a quicker pace. In most cases where children have been diagnosed with having a bacterial pink eye infection, it is advisable that they be kept away from friend circles or other areas where they come into contact with other children, so as to contain the spread of the infection.

Pink Eye Signs In Toddlers
Toddler Pink Eye Symptoms
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