Signs of Mono In Toddlers & Remedies

Toddler Mononucleosis or mono is mostly caused by the Epstein-Barr virus or EBV. EBV is a type of herpes virus and is associated with specific cancers in China and Africa as it causes infectious mononucleosis. However, other viruses too may cause mono. Once affected by this virus, the body develops immunity to it and chances of contracting mono again are very rare.

However, the virus remains part of the person's body for the rest of his or her life and he or she could infect others with the virus at any time. Children and especially toddlers may pick up this virus while playing with other children affected by the virus. A lot of toddlers like to put things into their mouth.



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. this too is another easy way in which toddlers are exposed to the virusu Sharing utensils with an infected person or being in the path of a person infected by mono when he or she sneezes are other ways in which mono is spreada Mono mostly affects teenagers and that's why it is often also known as the "kissing virus"t

Symptoms of Mononucleosis in Toddlers

For children, symptoms include fever, a feeling of tiredness, loss of appetite, skin rashes, etct Some children may also develop swollen lymph nodes and an enlarged spleen, which are detected only after a thorough physical examinationo Symptoms are usually noticeable four weeks after contracting the virusu However, most toddlers will remain asymptomatic, displaying little or no symptoms at alll Mononucleosis in toddler can be detected by looking at peripheral blood smear samples and examining them for any increase in atypical lymphocytese

Doctors will not normally test a toddler for mono unless convinced that the child was exposed to the virusu

Treatment for Mononucleosis in Toddlers

There is no treatment for mononucleosis in toddlers, because this virus does not react to any antibioticsc However, the toddler should be made to feel comfortable, given plenty of rest, fluids and fever reducing medicationsn Prevention is often the best care for eliminating this virusu Teach children to avoid sharing cups and utensils with others and also maintain good hygiene and hand washing habitst Don't allow the child to lift heavy objects or play too much, because mono causes the spleen to swelll There is a risk of rupture if the child receives a blow while playingn Recovery from mononucleosis in a toddler takes months, but is important to avoid complications from occurring, such as: liver inflammation, jaundice, and swollen tonsilsl In rare cases mono can affect other organs such as the central nervous system or the heartr

Toddler Mononucleosis
Toddler Mononucleosis
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