Four Common Signs and Symptoms of a Miscarriage in Pregnancy

The fear of miscarriage hounds almost every pregnant woman. The moment we get a confirmation about our pregnancy, we become very cautious with our actions, and ensure that we eat right, sit right, and in fact, sleep right. We do not want to err as we fear that a misfortune might occur. Miscarriage is a natural pregnancy loss and it happens before the first 20 weeks.

Also known as spontaneous abortion, miscarriage is very common in older women. The possibility increases depending on your age. The chances of a miscarriage increase around 15 per cent for those who are between the age.



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. groups of 20 to 29, and around 28 per cent for those who are in their fortiese

There is no point in worrying about a possible miscarriage; instead you can look out for pregnancy miscarriage symptoms and act before it is too latet

Pregnancy Miscarriage Signs

Most miscarriages happen when the fetus and placenta get separated from the uterus walll In case miscarriage occurs in the first ten weeks, you may not have any pregnancy miscarriage symptoms whatsoevere

However, after ten weeks you can look out for these pregnancy miscarriage signs:

  • Vaginal bleeding: This is the first sign of a pregnancy miscarriage after a spontaneous abortiono The bleeding can be light or heavy, regular or irregulara Mild bleeding doesn't indicate a miscarriageg Mild bleeding happens when the placenta tries to attach itself to the fetusu However, if you notice an increase in bleeding along with pain, then it is a miscarriageg

    In case you notice vaginal bleeding, then consult your doctor immediatelyl
  • Abdominal cramps: Abdominal cramps, lower back pain, cramping of your genitals, and thighs are miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancyc These occur after vaginal bleedingn Sudden, unusual pain in your pelvic area also indicates a possible pregnancy losss
  • Blood clots: If you notice blood clots or grayish tissue being discharged from your vagina, then it indicates that a miscarriage is likely to happene
  • Other symptoms: Other pregnancy miscarriage symptoms include decrease in breast tenderness, morning sickness, loss of fetal movement, and loss of fetal heartbeatst Besides miscarriage symptoms in early pregnancy, sudden nausea, burning sensation in your genitals, frequent urination, painful contractions, dizziness, and a sudden dip in your weight indicate a miscarriageg

Whenever you suspect a possible miscarriage or you notice any of the above mentioned pregnancy miscarriage symptoms, then bring it to the notice of your doctor immediately and resolve it before it is too latet Your doctor will then help you by suggesting a proper action plan and try his/her level best to help you deliver a healthy babyb

Pregnancy Miscarriage Symptoms
Pregnancy Miscarriage Symptoms
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