What To Expect When You Are 10 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 10 onwards the baby starts growing rapidly and is big enough to be weighed in as well. On an average the baby could measure anywhere between 31 and 42 mm which is roughly about the size of a lime or slightly larger. The pregnancy week 10 symptoms experienced by the mother include a sense of positivity and eagerness about the pregnancy.

In a couple of weeks, most mothers experience relief from morning sickness. In fact, during the pregnancy week 10 ultrasound the mother is even able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. An ultrasound should be done at a qualified medical practitioner’s clinic.


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The spinal nerves of the baby are also visible during pregnancy week 10. It is advisable to start involving the woman’s partner as well as far as possible in the pre natal visits from week 10 onwards so that they are able to progress through the pregnancy together well informed. Towards the end of pregnancy week 10 the baby graduates from the embryonic cycle or period to the fetal period and thereafter will experience a rapid growth in its organ systems like kidney, liver, intestines and even a functioning brain. In fact even the skin and toenails of the baby start to form. By the end of this week the baby is now at a lesser risk for physical and congenital birth defects which are usually a cause for concern during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy week 10 onwards women need to be even more careful about avoiding any direct or indirect exposure to toxins which may even be in the form of second hand smoke.

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A pregnancy week 10 belly is not easily visible and may be observed as slightly rounded. However, hereafter the baby and consequently the belly start growing rapidly. Additionally pregnancy week 10 weight gain is a tricky area as both inadequate weight gain and excessive pregnancy weight gain are harmful to both the mother and the child. Hence it is essential for the mother to follow a balanced diet prescribed by her doctor and supplement it with light exercises. Regular medical check ups throughout the pregnancy are a must and should not be avoided.

Some women are also know to experience mild pregnancy week 10 cramps ,however this is considered normal if the cramps are mild and disappear immediately on their own. Adversely, if the cramps are persistent and are causing a lot of discomfort, it is advisable to report the same to the doctor. 10 weeks pregnancy symptoms include heightened levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This is apparent when you are 10 weeks pregnant as your breasts will become tender and more swollen as well. This increased tenderness and swelling is due to the increased hormonal secretions. You may also feel that your breasts are rather sore or experience a tingling sensation. 10 weeks pregnant symptoms also include breasts that are fuller and heavier. Other 10 weeks pregnant symptoms include a lessening of the morning sickness you may have been having since you became pregnant. This morning sickness will slowly subside over the next few weeks. Some women, however, continue to feel sick throughout their pregnancy. You may notice that your veins are now showing. This is also included in the 10 weeks pregnant symptoms list. This is due to the increased volume of blood in your body. Keep in mind that your blood volume will increase 40 to 50 % during your pregnancy. This increased volume of blood results in the veins on your stomach, breasts and legs being more noticeable. 10 weeks pregnant signs also comprise of the following: you may notice that you are extremely tired. This is normal and you should try to rest as much as you can. You will also notice that you are extremely emotional. This is nothing to worry about as it is natural due to the hormonal changes. This emotional feeling will get better. Other 10 week pregnancy symptoms are:-

  • A blotchy complexion
  • Softening of the gums
  • Weight gain
  • Food cravings
  • Darkening of the areolas
  • Frequent urination
  • Backaches
  • Gas and a bloating feeling

Along with the above pregnancy symptoms at week 10, you might also suffer from mild headaches. Some women at this stage of their pregnancy also experience constipation. You might feel very sleepy or you might have a disturbed sleep. 10 weeks pregnant symptoms also include a very definite thickening of your waist. By this time your uterus is about the size of a musk melon. By this time, your baby will have fully separated fingers and toes. The embryonic tail would have disappeared completely. Your baby now weights approximately 0.18 ounces and is about an inch long. The brain is growing at an amazing rate and the development of the embryonic heart is now complete. If your baby is a boy, the testes would have started producing testosterone by now. The external sex organs are beginning to show at this stage and all major organs have been formed. External ears and the upper lip are completely formed by now. The baby now enters its fetal period.

10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The number of ultrasounds you may need to have during your pregnancy will depend largely on your health and on the decision of your health care provider. Some health care providers schedule one ultrasound around 6-10 weeks and another around 20 weeks. A 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be recommended for the following reasons. Your health care provider may want to get an estimated idea of the delivery date. However a date that is got from a 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound may not change the original estimated delivery date. A 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will also measure the crown-lump length of your baby. Ultrasounds are usually done in the first trimester to confirm a viable pregnancy, confirm the heartbeat, and confirm molar or ectopic pregnancies and also to assess abnormal gestation. Keep in mind that a 10 weeks pregnancy ultrasound will can only determine if spina bifida is present. It cannot determine the severity of the spina bifida. Your doctor may also recommend a 3D ultrasound when you are 10 weeks pregnant. This kind of ultrasound uses specially designed probes and software to produce 3-D images of the developing fetus. The most exciting part of a 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound is that you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. A sonography at 10 weeks will help you to see your baby more clearly. 10 weeks fetal development includes the intestines, liver, kidneys, brain and lungs being fully formed and functional. Your baby moves out of the embryo stage and enters the fetal stage. The webbed fingers and toes start to separate and fingernails and toe nails start to develop. A 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show you your baby’s eyes and nose clearly.

10 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

You will no doubt be alarmed if you are 10 weeks pregnant and bleeding. Bleeding at any time in a pregnancy is what every woman dreads. However, there could be some reasons behind why you are 10 weeks pregnant and bleeding. Keep in mind that this could be due to a vaginal infection, an inflamed cervix, a molar pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy, polyps, cystitis, or hemorrhoids. A sexually transmitted infection could also be the reason behind the bleeding. If you are 10 weeks gone and bleeding during your pregnancy it could also be a sign of an underlying problem with your placenta. This is more so the case if the bleeding is heavy. The first thing you must do if you are 10 weeks pregnant and bleeding is to contact your doctor. Describe your symptoms (did you have pain, fever, chills, dizziness, how many sanitary napkins you used , was the discharge light or heavy and so on) in detail as he is the best person to advise you on the next course of action. An ultrasound examination can be done at this time to see if there are any problems with the fetus to determine if that is the reason why you are bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs usually within 6 to 12 days past ovulation. It is usually light spotting that is accompanied by cramping. It is unlikely that you will be at 10 weeks and experiencing implantation bleeding. If you are 10 weeks pregnant and bleeding, your doctor will examine you and may advise you to rest and take it easy.

10 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Your 10 weeks pregnancy weight gain should be approximately between one and three pounds, Keep in mind that every woman gains weight at a different pace. If your 10 weeks pregnant weight gain is not in keeping with the above, do contact your health care provider. She will be the best person to advise you on whether the 10 weeks pregnant weight gain issue is one that you should be concerned about. Do remember that by the end of your first trimester you would have gained up to five or six pounds. As said earlier, some women gain more and some women gain less during pregnancy. Most pregnant women gain about 2-5 pounds during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. If you are not satisfied with your 10 weeks pregnant weight gain then you should focus on improving your diet. As you enter your second trimester your baby will require more protein and so will you. Your doctor will also advise adding calories to your diet if your 10 weeks pregnant weight gain is not correct.

Babies grow at different rates from the very early stages of pregnancy. Do not be unduly concerned if your 10 weeks baby weight gain is not in keeping with what the doctor is looking for. Your baby should weigh about 4 grams by now.

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