What To Expect When You Are 2 Weeks Pregnant

While you are in pregnancy week 2, you may notice some evident body changes. In pregnancy week 1, the changes may not have been so obvious, but by pregnancy week 2 you will begin they will become more pronounced. Did you know that you are not considered to be medically pregnant in the 2nd week of pregnancy?

This is because only after the egg has matured and starts developing are you considered to be actually pregnant. Nonetheless, you are well on your way so keep a keen out for the 2nd week pregnancy signs. While you are in pregnancy week 2, your body is busy preparing itself to produce higher levels.



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. of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in order to protect the pregnancyc While in pregnancy week 2, you can have normal intercourse as you used to have before with your partnere However, you need to be careful if you use any lubricants because some of them may contain chemicals that are capable of hampering the pregnancyc Hence, it is better to stay away from lubricants to be on the safer sided While in pregnancy week 2 make sure you take plenty of rest and avoid any kind of stresss In this stage, the egg starts maturing as your body releases follicle stimulating hormonen This is the time when pregnancy related discomforts like morning sickness, fatigue, and nausea are likely to manifests While you are in pregnancy week 2, make sure you increase your intake of certain nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium, and proteini Calcium is essential as it plays an important role as far as bone development is concernede You should include lot of leafy green vegetables and dairy products in your daily diete Iron is again essential as far as increasing the blood volume is concernede You can increase your intake of iron by including meat, legumes, eggs, and green leafy vegetables in your diete While you are in pregnancy week 2, you may experience many mood swingsg Do not panic, as this is perfectly normala These mood swings are caused by the changing hormones of your bodyd

Deciding to have a baby is a huge stepe When you become pregnant, you undergo many changes, both physically and mentallyl However, by staying properly informed and understanding the changes that are occurring inside your body, you can make this one of the most joyous experiences that you have ever hada

2 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During pregnancy week 2 you may not be sure that you are pregnantn In fact when 2 weeks pregnant signs experienced by most women are very fewe It is in this week that the process of ovulation and fertilization takes placec When 2 weeks pregnant symptoms may or may not be experienced by you, but there is no cause for worry as you will probably start experiencing them in a couple of weeksk One of the most common 2 weeks pregnant symptoms you may experience is slight cramping on one or both sides of your bodyd The amount of clear discharge also increasese This discharge is slippery, clear and stretchy and increases your chances of conceivingn Symptoms at pregnancy week 2 include morning sickness which is not necessarily limited to morningsg You may sometimes go off certain smells and foodo You may also feel like going to the bathroom frequently for urinationo One of the first 2 weeks pregnancy signs you may experience is fatigueu If you are pregnant your breasts become increasingly sensitive to touchc You may also find that your areolas have slightly darkenede A few pregnant women have reported a funny metallic taste in their moutht During this week there are a number of changes that are taking place in your bodyd Sometime women lose their appetite during this periodo If you are 2 weeks pregnant symptoms are experienced as there are hormonal changes taking place in your bodyd Although you may not see any changes taking place in your physical structure you need to understand that there are some internal changes that are taking place in your bodyd If you have these signs and believe that you are pregnant, make sure to take good care of your healtht Try and avoid alcohol, cigarettes drugs and caffeinen Include folic acid supplements in your diet after checking with your doctoro

2 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Most women do not suspect that they are pregnant in the first and second week of pregnancyc This is because in first and second week the process of ovulation and fertilization takes placec Varying degrees of estrogen and progesterone are produced by your body to prepare it for ovulationo

The ovaries release an egg which if you are lucky will travel to your uterus via your fallopian tubes where it will stay for the next 40 weeksk An ultrasound with the help of sound waves creates visual images of your baby, uterus and placenta thus allowing your health care provider to know about your pregnancy’s progress and the health of your babyb This test is usually done when you are 10 weeks pregnanta However during 2 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound can be done if you experience any kind of bleeding or paini  A 2 weeks ultrasound pregnancy calendar can help you see how your child starts from a very early timem This 2 weeks ultrasound pregnancy calendar tells you everything you need to know about your pregnancy and assures you that the symptoms you experience are completely normala When you are 2 weeks pregnant 3D images may not be of any help as they are generally used to help you see what your baby looks like and may not be of any help in the 2nd week of pregnancyc A 2 week ultrasound pregnancy calendar is an innovative way to help pregnant women during times of drastic changes that are taking place in her bodyd Yes we do understand that changes due to pregnancy are unavoidable, but learning to handle them and deal with them will help ease any worry or anxiety you may havev In your second week of pregnancy a 2 weeks ultrasound pregnancy calendar will definitely help you understand these changese

2 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

It is during your second week of pregnancy that you finish your last periodo It is at this time that your uterus builds a layer of endometrium that is used to cushion your baby that will soon conceivev At this time the eggs in your ovaries occupy your fluid-filled sac and begin to ripene One of these follicles mature each month and travel down your fallopian tube where it gets fertilizede When a woman is 2 weeks pregnant bleeding is experiencede This could be 2 weeks implantation bleedingn This usually happens when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus liningn This 2 weeks pregnant bleeding is usually slightly earlier, lighter and spottier in color as compared to your usual periodo In other words this is like a brownish discharge that does not last for longn As this 2 weeks pregnant bleeding does not last for long and you get it just before your regular period you may think that you are about to start your periodo This happens when you have no idea, or when you are not attempting to get pregnantn But for those who are attempting to get pregnant and are aware of their ovulation time, and have had sex around that period this weeks 2 vaginal bleeding may be a good indicator that you are pregnantn Two weeks pregnant bleeding is not unusual in womene Almost 20-30% of women will find that there is spotting very early during their pregnancyc If your have some light spotting just before the time your normal bleeding may start there is no reason to worry and could in fact be a sign of pregnancyc Quite a few women also experience a slight cramping in the early stages of their pregnancyc These cramps are very comparable to menstrual crampsp If you are worried about the bleeding and find it abnormal it is best that you connect with your health care providere

2 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

When you are 2 weeks pregnant weight gain might not be seene This is because you are not actually pregnant during this timem The first day of your last menstrual period is considered to be your first day of pregnancyc Around two weeks after that ovulation occurs and a woman conceives a childl So on the day you conceive you are already two weeks pregnantn  So there’s no need to worry if you are 2 weeks pregnant and weight gain is not therer There is however a slight weight gain in the first trimester of your pregnancyc This weight gain is about four poundsd Some increase is due to water weight and some is caused due to materials that are required by your baby to growo In the first trimester you would need to gain about 5 pounds or so if you are underweight and about three pounds if you are overweighth During pregnancy obese women would have to increase their weight by 11 pounds and those underweight have to increase their weight by 10-15 pounds more than the 25-35 they have to put ono As mentioned earlier, when you are 2 weeks pregnant weight gain is not noticed as fertilization may have just happened or is yet to happene Pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and morning sickness during your second week of pregnancy may actually cause you to lose a little weighth There’s no need to panic if this happens as lesser nutrients and calories are required at this time as compared to latere When 2 weeks pregnant weight gain may not be there but you have to start preparing for a healthy deliveryr A protein rich diet that includes milk, pulses and eggs, healthy servings of fruits and vegetables should be consumede Your health care provider will also recommend that you take folic acid supplements to ensure that your baby doesn’t suffer form any birth defectst

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