What To Expect When You Are 29 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 29 is an important milestone for both mother and baby, since the third trimester has now begun.

29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

By pregnancy week 29 baby weighs 2.5 pounds to 2 pounds 9 ounces (approximately 1.16 kilograms), and is almost 15 inches long.

Your baby is now going through a phase of rapid growth. The lungs and muscles are developing, as well as the brains, where billions of neurons are forming every day.


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Week 29 Of Pregnancy

By pregnancy week 29, baby’s bone marrow has started to produce its own red blood cells, and baby is also regulating her/his own body temperature. Your baby is also urinating more than half a liter of urine. This is passed out into the amniotic fluid, and is one of the causes why you too, feel an increased urge to urinate frequently. Because of this increased growth in all body functions, your baby now needs more nutrition. The larger size of baby at this juncture also leads to a change of movement patterns in the wombs. Earlier, your baby may have moved frequently and wildly, but now since the space has become cramped, movements are smaller, with just enough room to move the elbows and knees. At this stage, you can easily monitor fetal kicks.

29 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

By pregnancy week 29; weight gain in the mother is considerable, as high as 25 to 26 pounds. Your uterus is now positioned 3 to 4 inches above your navel, making your pregnancy very noticeable. Pregnancy week 29 ultrasounds clearly show the face of the baby.

The growing size of your baby may crowd your internal organs and make you feel some discomfort.

You may probably feel heartburn, and also some difficulty in breathing deeply, since your baby is probably pressing against the diaphragm. You may also be experiencing some backache.

By pregnancy week 29, it is even more important to pay attention to good posture, proper exercise and rest. Swimming is a wonderful exercise, because it takes the weight off your back. A professional pregnancy massage can provide a lot of relief.

29 Weeks Pregnant Diet

You need to pay more attention to diet and nutrition, since your growing baby needs more nutrients. It would be better to eat several small meals because of the decreasing space in your abdomen, and also because higher levels of progesterone in your body at this stage, slows down the digestive process. Drink plenty of water, to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

By pregnancy week 29, you will notice that your baby has begun to form a pattern of rest and wakefulness. You too, might need a little more rest in this period.

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