What To Expect When You Are 27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks into pregnancy means that you have now completed your second trimester and are headed towards the last and final couple of months of pregnancy. While physically there won't be too many changes from week 26, mentally, you might feel more anxious as the final trimester begins.

Some women feel panic as they feel they haven’t prepared enough for the baby and most women get anxious about the birthing process. Pregnancy week 27 is a good time to start birthing exercises and focus on breathing and meditation to help your body relax and prepare itself for labor and childbirth.


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Pregnancy Week 27 Symptoms

The energetic feeling of the last three months is beginning to fade and you may begin to experience fatigue particularly towards the end of the day. Staying up on your feet all day is not advisable at this time. Preferably, take one or two power naps during the day to relieve the tiredness.

Your lower back along with your leg may cramp more often now. Because your stomach continues to grow in size, you will begin to feel uncomfortable and end up sleeping sideways most of the time. It’s time to add support pillows and get as comfortable as possible. Other pregnancy week 27 symptoms include heartburn, Braxton Hicks contractions, and constipation. Constipation during pregnancy can lead to piles if it is left untreated. When you are 27 weeks pregnant symptoms that you saw or felt in the first half of the second trimester such as abundant energy gradually fade away. This is because your uterus is growing and the demands it places on your body in the 27th week gradually increase. You start feeling tired very soon and it is important that you get some rest. You could take a small nap to recuperate your energy. When you are 27 weeks pregnant symptoms such as Braxton Hicks contractions are felt. These symptoms should not worry you unless you have, in your earlier pregnancies, had some pre-term labor problems. In addition to this when 27 weeks pregnant symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, piles, leg cramps and backache will begin to bother you. Another of the 27 weeks pregnant symptoms is that when you sneeze there could be some amount of urine leak. This is known as stress incontinence and may occur when exercising, laughing, changing positions, running to catch a bus, or coughing. This troublesome symptom is more common in cases of those who have already given birth. In this week, it is important that you are able to know if you are going into premature labor. It is important that you keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. 27 week pregnant signs of premature labor include blood that is bright red from your vagina, watery fluid flowing out of your vagina, pain in your pelvic region that is intense, a dull ache in your back, and bad cramps or contractions if more than 5/hour. You may also experience pain while passing urine (this could be due to an infection in your bladder, kidneys or urinary text, or puffiness or swelling in your hands and face and if you have any of these 27 weeks pregnancy symptoms make sure you call your health care provider right away.

Pregnancy Week 27 Weight Gain

At week 27, as mentioned above, your stomach has grown considerably. In fact, your uterus is now more than two and a half inches above your belly button. As the third trimester approaches, you will notice that your baby has a growth spurt and should continue to gain weight steadily from here on. Pregnancy week 27 weight gain is generally about a pound. You should ensure that your diet is high on nutrition to assist the baby's growth. It is advisable to keep a check and ensure that you don't pile a couple of pounds or more over the week. When you are 27 weeks pregnant weight gain is expected. Your stomach around this time has grown quite a bit. In fact around this time your uterus is above your belly button by about two and a half inches or more above. When you are pregnant for 27 weeks baby weight gain is quite steady and you would normally see a spurt in your baby’s growth. If you are 27 weeks pregnant weight gain is around a pound. Make sure that your gain is due to an intake of highly nutritious food as this will help your baby grow well. You also need to remember that weight gain when you are 27 weeks pregnant should be slow and steady and you should not pile on the pounds around this time. When you are 27 weeks pregnant weight gain is not the only thing that happens. This weight gain can cause you certain problems such as pain in your rib area as your baby is pushing upward and putting pressure on your rib cage. 27 weeks pregnancy weight gain could result in issues such as heartburn and indigestion. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you do not put on too many pounds during this time. This is fine only if you were underweight before the pregnancy. If your Body Mass Index was average or more than average it is important that you be careful about the weight you put on as this might cause harem to you and your baby.

It also helps you stay away from any complications after your delivery. Your overall calorie consumption should be not more than 2400 calories daily and when you are 27 weeks pregnant your weight gain will be around 18 pounds. There is no need to panic if you don’t weigh what is expected at this time. Remember that weight gain depends totally upon the person and the baby.

Pregnancy Week 27 Ultrasound

A pregnancy week 27 ultrasound will show that the baby is now around 14 inches long. By pregnancy week 27 your baby will weigh roughly 2 pounds. While your baby's organs continue to mature, this week is exciting because your baby's eyelids, which were closed until now, will most likely open this week. The retina typically starts maturing around 27 weeks of gestation, so your baby's eyes will start seeing light through the uterine and abdominal wall. From now on, your little one can see as well as hear. When 27 weeks pregnant an ultrasound is less common, but still occurs. Your baby gets bigger and you feel uncomfortable and sleep most of the time. In a 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound you will see that your baby is about 14 inches long. Your baby’s weight is around 2 pounds. Your baby’s organs continue to develop and a lot of exciting things happen around this week. When your baby is 27 weeks its eyes are almost developed and it is around this time or when you are 27 weeks pregnant the ultrasound will show that eyes which were closed are likely to be opened by your baby. It is around this time that the baby’s retina begins to mature and your baby begins to see light through the abdominal wall or uterine. Your baby from this week on is able to hear as well as see. In a 27 weeks pregnancy an ultrasound will show you a baby that is really tiny and thinner. In fact it will be very similar to look as compared with a baby that is born at 40 weeks. If your baby is born around this time the chances of the baby surviving is around 90%. When you are 27 weeks pregnant a 3D ultrasound would show you how your baby develops in your womb. A 3D ultrasound will show you how your baby looks like while in the womb. You can go in for a 3D ultrasound anytime from when you are 20-30 weeks pregnant, but it is best to go in for a pregnancy when you are between 24-30 weeks. When you are 27 weeks pregnant an ultrasound will give you some great pictures of your baby. Pregnancy week 27 is when you can start focusing on your breathing and meditating to help your body get ready for labor and childbirth.

27 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

When you are 27 weeks pregnant and bleeding occurs call your midwife or doctor immediately even when the bleeding stops. In most cases it is something minor, but sometimes it could be an indication of something serious. When 27 weeks pregnant and bleeding you may require an examination to ensure that your baby’s and your health is fine and there are no complications. If you are bleeding actively and are unable to get in touch with your doctor it is best that you head for the emergency room. 27 weeks implantation bleeding does not occur in this late stage of your pregnancy. Such bleeding generally occurs in the initial one or two weeks when the fertilized eggs settle into your uterus’s wall. As this bleeding during pregnancy is in the initial week you may not even be aware that you are pregnant. When 27 weeks pregnant and bleeding it could be a sign of a ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. If bleeding is accompanied with severe cramps and abdominal pain you need to be very careful. Spotting can sometimes be due to problems such as a vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection) or it could be caused due to a sexually transmitted disease. This can lead to an inflammation of your cervix. When you are 27 weeks pregnant bleeding could be a sign of placenta previa, and in some cases premature labor. Sometimes placental abruptions could also be a problem during the 27 week pregnancy period. These abruptions are common in those who have a multiple pregnancy or are diabetic. If you have had bleeding in the first trimester it could be an indication of some problem with your placenta. Studies have shown that there is a connection between bleeding during pregnancy in the initial stages and a risk of complications later.

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