What To Expect When You Are 22 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 22 sees a lot of developments in both the mother and her child. The baby’s organs are developing rapidly at this point and their lips and teeth have started to form. The mother’s belly is now very obvious but it is still small enough to not get in the way of everyday activities.

The mother will notice that her navel or belly button now protrudes a little and this will continue until her baby is born. This is only temporary and her navel will go back to its original appearance within the first few days of delivery.


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Pregnancy Week 22 Symptoms

Pregnancy week 22 is also significant in terms of weight gain. The hormonal changes in the mother may also cause mood swings and bouts of anxiety. Pregnancy week 22 weight gain can even cause anxiety with the mother worry about whether she has gained too much weight. It would be advisable to use a pregnancy weight gain chart to make sure that weight gain is not excessive. However, it is important to also keep in mind that these are approximate figures and that each pregnancy is unique when it comes to the amount of weight gained. A healthy pregnancy diet is of utmost importance as it will ensure that both the mother and her baby are receiving the nutrition they require. It is also important that the mother keep in mind that her baby is now a contributing factor to her weight. A baby at 22 weeks pregnancy generally weighs more than 15 ounces and is over 10 inches in length. The mother will also notice that her baby responds to noises and so singing to the baby would be a good idea. Doctors often recommend that women sing to their baby as this helps to build the bond between mother and child. Furthermore, it has been seen that babies have retentive memories and once they are born they respond more easily to the songs that they have heard while still within their mother’s womb. Both parents singing to their children will help to foster bonds between all three individuals and will allow the baby to adjust easily to the father after birth. Pregnancy week 22 symptoms are generally very positive as the increase in blood circulation and certain hormones gives the mother a beautiful glowing complexion. In some cases, the mother may suffer from acne but this is only a temporary condition and clears up once the baby is born. A pregnancy week 22 ultrasound will reveal the baby moving quite vigorously due to improved muscle coordination. When you are 22 weeks pregnant the symptoms and signs that are typically associated with pregnancy begin to recede. Although you may get relief from some of those annoying and discomforting symptoms like morning sickness and nausea, the 22nd week of pregnancy is not free of any symptoms either. At 22 weeks pregnant the diminishing in early pregnancy symptoms will certainly bring you some respite, but it would be wise to stay prepared for any of the 22 weeks pregnancy symptoms. Here are some of the 22 weeks pregnant symptoms that you may experience:

  • Heartburn and indigestion – Heartburn and indigestion are among the most common symptoms and they are also the easiest to address. Heartburn, indigestion and acidity can all be controlled with some simple dietary measures. Try and avoid foods known to trigger the condition like chocolates, citrus fruits, vinegar, spicy foods, and heavy rich foods, like oily or fatty foods. Big meals put stress on your digestive system and it would be best to stick to small and frequent meals instead of the two large meals.
  • Breast changes that could include tenderness and darkening of the aerola – a heating pad applied to the breasts should offer some relief, or try using cool ice packs.
  • Backaches – Walking is believed to be the best exercise to counter backaches, and you could also try pregnancy yoga routines. More on back pain during pregnancy
  • Frequent urination – This is an inevitable pregnancy at 22 week symptom that you will have to cope with. Try and cut down on your fluid intake soon before going to bed to avoid interrupted sleep, and likewise make sure you don’t consume fluids before travelling.
  • Constipation and Hemorrhoids – Increase your intake of dietary fiber
  • Leg Cramps – Pregnancy can be particularly strenuous on the leg muscles so make sure you give them a chance to relax, while at the same time strengthen them, with non strenuous exercises.

At 22 weeks pregnant, signs and symptoms could also include Braxton Hicks contractions, headaches, stretch marks, itching and round ligament pain.

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 22 weeks pregnant an ultrasound is in the coming, if you haven’t already gotten one done. An ultrasound is basically an imaging test that employs sound waves. The test is used to measure and track the progress of fetal development. Pregnancy ultrasounds are also useful for checking the health of the pelvic organs during the course of the pregnancy. At 22 weeks pregnant an ultrasound would be recommended and you would need to go in with a full bladder. Although this may be uncomfortable at 22 weeks pregnant a 3d ultrasound is best conducted on a full bladder as this helps to eliminate any air pockets that may be present between the uterus and bladder.

This ensures a clear generation of ultrasound images. An ultrasound technician will escort you into the room, and in most labs you can also have your partner accompany you. You will be asked to lie down on an examination table and a special gel is applied over the abdomen. The gel can cause a cold sensation, which is unpleasant on a full bladder, but it is necessary as it helps in the conduction of sound waves used in ultrasound testing. At 22 weeks of a pregnancy an ultrasound would be most advisable as it is between the 18th and 22nd weeks that the imaging would produce best results for visibility of the fetus. At 22 weeks pregnant an ultrasound will also reveal the sex of the baby, although it is possible to inform the technician that you are not interested in knowing the sex of the baby, as many parents do so. With the ultrasound imaging you would now get the first glimpse of your baby in photographs and videos. Most online resources also offer ultrasound images tracking fetal development and you can even share and compare data.

22 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

At 22 weeks your baby’s weight gain would show it to now measure 15 ounces. Every woman wants what’s best for her baby and at 22 weeks pregnant, weight gain does become something of an issue. Most women tend to worry over whether their weight gain is excessive or inadequate. The truth is that this isn’t something you should worry about too much. Simply follow a well balanced and healthy, nutritious diet that provides your body and your baby with all of the necessary nutrients. Your doctor would be your best guide as regards your weight and nutrition. At 22 weeks pregnancy weight gain would vary from woman to woman so it is also pointless to compare notes. Your body metabolism, weight, height, bone mass, fat to muscle ratio are just a few of the factors that influence your weight gain, so it would be hasty to jump to any conclusions based on your weight gain. Not only does weight gain vary from woman to woman, but the nature of weight gain may also differ from your first and successive pregnancies, so don’t simply go by past experience. It is generally accepted however that most women with a healthy BMI or body mass index prior to pregnancy would experience weight gain of around 25 to 35 in the course of the pregnancy. At 22 weeks weight gain during pregnancy would ideally be around one pound per week, for the subsequent period of gestation. There are some broad guidelines for pregnancy weight gain that suggest that underweight women should add around 28-40 pounds to their weight, while overweight women should gain around 15 to 25 pounds. At 22 weeks pregnant weight gain may be a source of worry but this can be addressed. At 22 weeks pregnancy weight gain may be recorded and tracked for the benefit of your health care provider.

22 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

At 22 weeks pregnant bleeding or spotting should be treated seriously. Although it is not necessarily something serious at 22 weeks vaginal bleeding during pregnancy should be immediately reported to your doctor. At 22 weeks pregnant, bleeding can be caused by a number of common conditions that could include inflammation or cervical growths. At 22 weeks pregnant, bleeding can be threatening to both the mother and the baby, which is why it should never be ignored or neglected. Placental problems are the most common cause of pregnancy bleeding during the latter stages. Make sure you provide your health care provider with specific and detailed information, as regards the duration of bleeding, the amount of blood passed or the presence of clotting or tissue or any other relevant information. The more detailed the information you provide the easier it becomes for your health care provider to identify the seriousness of the problem. Miscarriages during the second trimester are not very common, but cannot be ruled out. At 22 weeks pregnant any bleeding or cramping should immediately be reported as very often a potential miscarriage can be detected soon enough to avoid such a tragedy. The expulsion of the mucus plug, which seals the cervix opening, could be another cause for bleeding, as the mucus plug does get dislodged in preparation for labor. This can at times happen further in advance.

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