What To Expect When You Are 11 Weeks Pregnant

In pregnancy week 11, the baby has now begun to grow at a very fast rate and is big enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand. The baby at this stage of pregnancy is almost 1.6 inches in length and weighs in at .25 of an ounce on an average.

Before pregnancy week 11, the baby’s skin was translucent and one was able to see right through it. During a pregnancy week 11 ultrasound, you will notice that although the baby’s skin remains on the thinner side, it has started to lose its transparency and become a multi layered membrane.


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Pregnancy Week 11 Belly

The pregnancy week 11 belly is still not very prominent; however with the baby growing rapidly there will be rapid physical changes in the mother’s body as well. Most women tend to gain almost a pound pre week during their second trimester as they are able to eat more on account of the nausea subsiding. During pregnancy women are also advised to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with light exercises. Otherwise, women who stand or sit continuously for long periods of time during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from varicose veins due to increase in blood volume during pregnancy which may continue even after delivery of the baby.

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Most mothers are also keen to know during pregnancy week 11 what to expect and accordingly prepare for. They are usually advised that will feel actually start feeling pregnant although they may still not look pregnant. Pregnancy week 11 symptoms also include an unusually rapid growth in the hair and fingernails and the hair may also appear to be coarse and unruly, whereas in other women such symptoms may be observed only in their third trimester. During pregnancy week 11, most women also tend to notice that their morning sickness has gradually begun to disappear and will eventually stop completely in a few more weeks to come. During pregnancy week 11, an ultrasound at the doctor’s clinic will even reveal the baby’s breathing movements which will down the line help the baby’s chest muscles develop and also regulate the amount of fluid in the baby’s lungs. The baby at this stage is also capable of moving its limbs and can even change its position in the uterus. These changes in the baby’s movements may be felt by the mother in the form of a light butterfly like movement which may even be confused with gas or acidity. 11 weeks pregnant symptoms include physical changes in your appearance. By the time you are 11 weeks pregnant, you will start to show a little. While you may not have put on a great deal of weight, your stomach will have a little rounder shape which is due to the growing uterus and baby. Due to the hormones that are increasing in your system, you might notice other 11 weeks pregnant symptoms such as changes in your hair, fingernails and toenails. These will all start to grow very rapidly. You might find that your hair is more unruly than usual too. Your nausea will slowly start to diminish and this is also counted among the 11 weeks pregnant symptoms. The most common 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms include:-

  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Backache
  • A bloating feeling
  • Headache
  • A craving for unusual foods
  • Gas
  • Constipation

Your breasts might also be a little more sensitive than usual and sore to the touch too. They might even be swollen. This is due to the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body. 11 weeks pregnant symptoms also include mood swings. You might find yourself shedding the occasional tear now and then. This is all considered normal and part and parcel of pregnancy. You might even think you sense the baby moving around inside you by this time. This is more due to gas from your digestive tract as it is too early for movement to be felt. 11 week pregnant signs also include hot flashes or you may feel warmer than usual. This again is normal and due to the increased volume of blood that is pumping throughout your body. Energy levels should be higher by now and you will also get your appetite back. Certain smells may however, still bother you. The Linea Negra is included in the list of 11 weeks pregnant symptoms. This dark vertical line of pigmentation will appear on your abdomen. This is natural and will disappear after your pregnancy.

By this time your baby is officially a fetus and the most critical stage in the development of your child is over. Tooth buds are forming under the gums and bones are beginning to harden. The fingers and toes are completely separated and you can count all of them by the end of this week. Your baby has learned to swallow and is even urinating fluid from the sac. Your baby’s skin will lose much of its transparency from now on. At this stage, your baby is about 5-6 cm long and weighs about 14 grams.

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An 11 weeks ultrasound is generally recommended to screen for Down’s syndrome, Tirsomy 18 and open spina bifida. The first blood drawn is usually taken during the 11 weeks ultrasound itself. The ultrasound measures the nuchal translucency or the folds around the baby’s neck. Keep in mind that a positive test result does not mean that your baby has these conditions. Further testing will have to be carried out to determine this.

The risk of the fetus having Down’s Syndromes depends on a number of factors such as the mother’s age, fetal heart rate, presence or absence of fetal nasal bone and so on. An 11 weeks ultrasound scan looks for the following:

  • Dating the pregnancy accurately. This is helpful for women who have irregular periods or cannot remember the date of their last period.
  • To assess the risk of chromosomal abnormalities (as given above)
  • To ascertain certain fetal abnormalities. Most major abnormalities may be visible at this stage.
  • To diagnose why a pregnancy has failed. Many couples go for a nuchal scan only to discover that the fetus has died several weeks before.
  • To diagnose multiple pregnancies. The 11 weeks ultrasound will show if the two babies (or more) are developing normally. It can also determine if the babies share the same placenta. If this is the case, the pregnancy will be monitored even more closely.

Some couples wish to have an 11 weeks ultrasound to determine the gender of the child. However at this stage determination is not very accurate and it is advisable to wait until the 12th or 14th week to find this out. A 3D ultrasound when you are 11 weeks pregnant will show you a clear view of your baby, the placenta and the umbilical cord.

11 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Whatever your pre pregnancy weight was, you will have to gain weight during pregnancy. At 11 weeks pregnant you should have gained anything between 1 pound and 3 pounds. If your 11 weeks pregnant weight gain is not within this range, do not worry. It is also common and very natural for pregnant women to lose a little weight during the first trimester. This is due to morning sickness and at times, a loss of appetite. If you are concerned and worried about your 11 weeks pregnancy weight gain, do consult your doctor. 11 weeks pregnancy gain is essential and more so for underweight mothers. You need to gain weight during your pregnancy to help your baby to grow. Some women experience a weight gain of about 4 pounds in the first trimester. Keep in mind that each woman puts on weight at a different pace and so will you. Remember that the majority of the weight will be spread over the last two trimesters. At this time, you will put on about a pound a week. If your doctor feels that your 11 weeks pregnant weight gain is not good, he might recommend dietary changes. Ensure that your diet is nutrient dense and not loaded with junk food. You do not have to eat for two. You only need about 200-300 calories more per day than what you were eating before pregnant. By the time you are 11 weeks your baby should have gained about 5-7 grams of weight.

11 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

Bleeding at any time during a pregnancy is most alarming. Thoughts of miscarriage immediately rush to mind but at times, there may be nothing seriously wrong. If you are 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding, the most important thing you must do is to contact your health care provider immediately. Describe your symptoms in detail to him. If you are 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding during pregnancy, you will need to tell him whether the flow is light or heavy, is there any cramping with the flow, do you have fever, chills, how many pads have you had to use, when did the bleeding start, what color the blood is and so on. There could be several reasons as to why you are 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding. These include a vaginal or sexually transmitted infection, an ectopic pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, problems with the placenta, polyps, and hemorrhoids and so on. Your health care provider will probably recommend that you rest if you are 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding. He may also recommend an ultrasound to see if there is a problem with your baby. Ensure that you are not involved in any strenuous activity when you are 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs when the fertilized eggs implants itself into the uterus. It is not very likely that any bleeding you experience at 11 weeks is due to this. Implantation bleeding occurs six to twelve days past ovulation.

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