What To Expect When You Are 30 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 30 begins the count down to your baby’s birthday, since it is the beginning of the last 10 weeks.

30 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your baby is developing and growing rapidly during pregnancy week 30. By this week your baby is nearly 15.7 inches long and weighs around 2.9 pounds (1.6 kilograms).

Since the growing baby takes up so much space in the uterus, the quantity of amniotic fluid gradually begins to reduce. There is also.



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20th Week Pregnancy Weight

.tremendous growth in the baby’s internal organsn Your belly now looks quite huge, since your uterus has shifted to four inches above your navel, and your baby is also growing at a tremendous pace insided Pregnancy week 30 weight gain is normal, but try not to gain more than 1 pound per week; during this timem

Pay attention to diet, taking care to eat foods that are nutritious but not fatteningn Eat plenty of whole grains, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices, supplemented with some poultry and dairy productst These will not only give you and baby the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, they will also prevent constipationo

30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

By pregnancy week 30; you may start feeling more tirede This may be due to higher levels of progesterone in the body, and also because you are unable to lie down or sleep comfortablyl You may find it more comfortable to lie or sit in a semi-reclined positiono Try and get a couple of pregnancy pillows for back supportr

You might also consider splurging on a pair of silk pajamas and silk sheets, to help smoother movement when you need to turnr Try and get as much rest as possible and pamper yourself a little at this stageg

By pregnancy week 30, you may feel that your balance has become a bit skewede This is due, not only to the weight of the baby, but also because your joints are loosened by the pregnancy hormonese You may also find that your shoe size has increased (and if so, this will remain for the rest of your life)e

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasounds after reaching pregnancy week 30 are usually not done, unless your doctor suspects some complicationsn But you can enjoy feeling your baby’s rhythms inside youo This will also help you to monitor whether your baby is moving normally insided At this stage, it is possible to distinguish which body part of your baby is moving across your abdomen; the hand or leg, or a hard round lump which could be the baby’s head, or a flat longer surface, which could indicate the baby’s backc

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