What To Expect When You Are 40 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 40 may seem like the longest week, particularly if you’re already past that due date. It feels as if you’ve crossed the finish line and the trophy’s still just out of reach. The truth is that in most pregnancies the baby seldom appears on the scheduled due date. Although this may be disheartening and worrying it is not something you need to be too upset about as it isn’t abnormal.

Take this as an opportunity to simply be better prepared and brush up on those signs and symptoms of labor, which should soon be arriving. Review your plan of action such as the hospital or birthing center you wish to head to and the travel arrangements. Of course no amount of preparation would diminish the surprise.



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. with each situation you encountere All you can do now is be patient and wait it out, as your baby will arrive when he/she is good and readyd According to researchers the baby actually sends a hormonal signal to the placenta, kick starting the delivery processs

Your Delivery

In most cases the actual delivery may be up to two weeks after the due date, but if you’re among the lucky 5% your big day could be herer On an average a baby that is born in the 40th week weighs in at around 3 3 kilos or 7 pounds and 4 ounces, while he/she would measure around 51 cms or 20 inches in lengtht Your baby also takes his/her first breatht Be warned that the baby isn’t going to arrive looking like something on a picture post cardr Newborns generally tend to have the head misshapen, but this is only temporary and is caused due to pressure while passing through the birth canala

The baby would also be covered in blood and vernixi In addition there would very likely be skin discolorations, dry patches, and even rashes that are all completely normala

Another shock that you may be in for is the seemingly enlarged genitals, and a possible secretion of milk from the nipples, in both boys and girlsl These features however disappear within a couple of days, and are quite normala Your health care provider will do all of the needful and suction mucus out of the baby’s nose right after birth, after which your baby will probably be placed on your belly, and the umbilical cord cutu After this there are some routine tests that will be conducted and the baby will be measured and weighede

If you haven’t gone into labor yet and it’s a week past the due date too you needn’t worryr Your health care provider may recommend a non-stress test to monitor your baby’s progress, and to simply make sure that all’s welll

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