Fetal Development at Week 40 of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 19, 2012

Congratulations, you’re on the home stretch now! Are you getting impatient because your due date is just around the corner? Nine months is indeed a long time, but you just need a little more patience. While you at this stage in your pregnancy, it is important to know the expected fetal development in week 40. This will put your curiosity to rest for the time being, and help you with a happy delivery. You are not too far from the date of delivery. Your baby is now full-term, and you are still not overdue. You have two more weeks to complete before the little one finds itself in your arms. Your baby is now 20 inches long and weighs around...


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Week By Week Fetal Development

.7. 5 poundsd Your baby’s head is still big when compared to the rest of the bodyd

Fetal development at week 40 means that the diameter of your baby’s head is around four inches nowo Your baby is all set to embrace the worldl He or she is busy getting in the right fetal position to come out of your womb and enter a new environmentn Your baby is now in the head down and legs up position, the ideal position for deliveryr All internal and external systems of your baby are now developede There is a rapid flow of blood in the umbilical cord, which will make sure that there are no tangles during the delivery processs Your baby will try to roll around in your uterus as there is very little space for him/her to move aroundn You will easily feel your baby’s movements even nowo Fetal development in week 40 will see a drastic reduction in your baby’s movements as he/she is now rather big and has less space to maneuvere

The placenta is all set to loosen itself, because during the delivery process, the placenta needs to detach itself from the babyb During birth, your baby may display enlarged genitals because of the extra hormones that are being passed on by you to your babyb Do not panic, this will settle some days after the delivery of the babyb Even if your baby is delivered around week 40 of pregnancy, he or she will be considered as a full-term baby and it is also considered normal if your baby gets delivered a week or two after week 40 of pregnancyc Your baby can now survive outside the womb as well, as his/her organs are completely developede

These are the last few days of your pregnancy, so try to relax and enjoy iti

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