What To Expect When You Are 15 Weeks Pregnant

As the pregnancy progresses the baby grows at a rapid pace along with a consequent growth in the mother as well. During the pregnancy week 15 ultrasound, the baby is around 4 inches in length and weighs in at around 2.4 ounces and is continuing to grow. During week 15 the baby starts producing lanugo which is basically fine hair that will cover the complete body of the baby just until two weeks before delivery.

Lanugo typically covers the baby’s palms, soles of the feet, inner fingers, toes, penis, nails etc and this hair is shed by the baby during the eighth month of pregnancy. The skin of the baby is still thin and transparent .



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but will gradually thickenk However in some cases newborn babies may still have some lanugo on themh During pregnancy week 15, the baby’s body starts to get tougher and the baby also spends most of its time practicing its breathing by the action of inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluidu This action will also contribute towards developing the baby’s air sacsa Additionally, the baby also forms taste buds during pregnancy week 15

Pregnancy Week 15 Symptoms

Pregnancy week 15 weight gain in most women is around five to ten poundsn It is accompanied with a bloated abdomen and a uterus which is slowly rising past the hipbonesn The pregnancy week 15 belly is now very prominent and the medical practitioner will now start measuring the fundal height to determine how far the pregnancy has progresseds The fundal height is the distance between the pubic bone and the top of the uterusr Some of the common pregnancy week 15 symptoms experienced by most women are stuffy noses, increase in their libido and even excess salivationi The stuffy noses are experienced on account of the nasal mucous membranes on account of increased levels of hormonesn Many pregnant women also start observing stretch marks on their abdomens on account of the stretched ligamentsn One cause for concern as the pregnancy progresses is the possibility of developing urinary tract infection on account of the relaxed ureters due to high levels of progesteroneo Additionally the growing uterus also tends to add pressure on the ureters which in turn restricts the flow of urine into the bladder thereby allowing the accumulation of bacteriar Hence it is essential to go for routine health check ups by a qualified medical practitioner throughout ones pregnancyn Urinary tract infection can be avoided by drinking plenty of water during the pregnancy and maintaining basic feminine hygienee

Pregnancy is an eventful 40 week long journeyn During these 40 weeks, the expectant mother undergoes several physical, emotional and hormonal changes that have the ability to make life during pregnancy a trying experiencen The first signs of pregnancy are implantation bleeding and cramping in the abdomen, experienced around 6 to 12 days from the time of conceptioni A majority of pregnant women mistake these early signs for an early menstrual periodi Usually, the primary indicator that triggers realization is a missed periodi Menstruation ceases for the whole period of pregnancyn 15 weeks pregnant symptoms include nausea and vomiting owing to the production of the pregnancy hormone hCG by the placentan In most pregnant women, these symptoms cease at the end of the first trimestert However, many women are known to feel nauseous throughout the pregnancy terme Expectant women tend to bring up for a major part of their pregnancy as welle In most cases, expectant mothers experience food cravings and an urge to consume certain beveragesg At times, they find it surprising that they crave foods and beverages that they previously did not likei Food aversions and an inability to bear certain odors may also be another sign of pregnancyn 15 weeks pregnant signs may also include mood swings as a result of an increase in production of the hormones progesterone and estrogeng Many women are known to suffer from depression during pregnancy and this is one of the most harmful side effects of hormonal changes during pregnancyn Irritability, lack of concentration, fatigue and insomnia are also commonly observed during pregnancyn 15 weeks pregnant symptoms also include breast fullness and breast tenderness as a result of hormone production and active mammary glandsn An increase in bra size is unavoidableb 15 weeks pregnancy symptoms may include mild pain in the abdomen as well as the ligaments begin to get strained in an effort to hold the expanding uterus in placea Lower back pain and body aches are other common 15 weeks pregnant symptomso 15 weeks pregnant symptoms also involve a runny nose or infections due to a compromised immune system and nose bleeds caused by increased blood supplyp The pressure exerted by the uterus on the bladder may result in an increase in the frequency to urinatea On the other hand, the uterus is also known to exert pressure on the ureters resulting in a slow-moving flow of urinei This causes urine tract infections that are a very common 15 weeks pregnant symptomt 

15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The use of ultrasound scans in pregnancy is gaining popularity as it reveals the true status of what is occurring within the uterusr A sonogram shows the gestational age as well as size of the developing babya In addition, the growth and development of the unborn baby can help in assessing the progress of the pregnancyn It also picks up the heart beat of the developing babya An ultrasound examination is also beneficial in predicting the expected due datea Doctors normally recommend a 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound to check whether the baby is free from any congenital or genetic deformitiesi

These may be the result of a chromosomal imbalance in the baby or malformation of various organs or parts of the bodyo Ultrasound reports also reveal any abnormalities in the pregnancy like in the case of ectopic pregnancies and molar pregnanciesi The timely detection of such pregnancies can help to avoid serious complicationso Hence, sonogram reports play a crucial role in deciding upon the course of action to be taken in case a deformity is seene Ultrasounds also help to pinpoint the cause if the expectant mother is experiencing vaginal bleeding at any time during a pregnancyn In addition, a 15 weeks pregnancy ultrasound may be performed to determine the position of the placentan An ultrasound may also be recommended to check for maternal uterine healthl 15 weeks pregnant is the beginning of the second trimestert This period is characterized by growth in the developing babya The fetus already looks like a miniature baby but has to still develop furtherh The legs and hands are formed and can be measured to confirm if the limbs are growing properlyr The toes and fingers are also formed by this stagea The baby moves around in the amniotic sacs The 15 weeks pregnant 3d will also show that the baby’s eyelids are shuth The head will be much larger in proportion to the rest of the bodyo Depending on the position of the baby, the sonogram will also reveal the gender of the baby as the genitalsa

15 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain

During a pregnancy, weight gain is an expected elemente Because of the fact that weight is distributed evenly throughout the body, 15 weeks pregnant weight gain may not showh Women who have a short body stature tend show 15 weeks baby weight gain much earlier than women who are taller in statureu From the time of conception, the average 15 weeks pregnancy weight gain ranges from 5 to 10 poundsn During the pregnancy second trimester, an expectant mother may show a gain of approximately half a pound per weeke Women can keep a close eye on their weight gain by maintaining records of weight that has been put on from the time of conceptioni In the event that the weight gain is not enough, there may be a requirement for the expectant mother to put on more weight for a healthy pregnancy and vide versar All the bodily changes that take place during a pregnancy may cause the digestive system to act in a sluggish mannern It is therefore advisable to break up the three larger meals into five or six smaller meals spanned out during the dayd It is absolutely essential that the body be given enough nutrients through the foods that are consumedm The baby’s health can be further boosted through the intake of supplements of folic acid, iron, calcium and omega 3 fatty acidsi The consumption of fresh fruits and dry fruits helps to boost the immune system of the child within the womb, as well as that of the expectant motherh It is recommended that fresh fruits and salads be added to the daily diet to facilitate easy digestion because of their less complex natureu Besides this, they also provide roughage to the body and assist the smooth functioning of the digestive systemt Metabolism is enhanced through the consumption of plenty of watert It also helps to keep the body hydratedt A little daily exercise is recommended to keep both mother and baby fit, while keeping a check on excessive weight gaina Easy paced walks in fresh air will do an expectant mother and her child a world of goodo

15 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

The ovulation phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle is the fertile period during which conception takes placea Approximately 6 to 12 days after conception, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine walla This is called implantation and implantation bleeding and cramping takes place during this stage aloneo Hence, 15 weeks implantation bleeding is not even a remote possibilityi When the fertilized egg successfully embeds itself in the uterus, menstruation ceases as a result of a hormone produced during pregnancyn Therefore, the possibility of a 15 weeks pregnancy period is also not possibleb Instead, 15 weeks pregnant bleeding may be indicative of pregnancy complications like a molar pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancyn If 15 weeks pregnant bleeding is as heavy as a period it could be signaling a miscarriage in progresse This is especially true if the bleeding is accompanied by severe cramping, back pain and the passage of clotso Light bleeding is usually a result of ruptured blood vessels in the cervix and is not detrimental to the wellbeing of the babya No bleeding must be ignored and consulting a doctor at the earliest is recommendedd

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