Weight Gain & Ultrasound During 32nd Week of Pregnancy

During pregnancy week 32 the baby weighs around 3.7 pounds and is about 16.7 inches in length. In most cases by this week the baby will have settled into its labor position i.e. bottom up and head down with the chin tucked into its chest.

The pregnancy week 32 ultrasound will also reveal that the baby’s fingernails have grown long enough to reach the tip of its fingers. Sometimes during an ultrasound at this stage babies are known to be seen making faces or even sticking their tongues out. Similarly during pregnancy week 32 the total volume of blood pumping in the mother’s body is almost 30 to 50 percent more than the usual .



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blood volume and this increased volume helps in accommodating the growing baby.

Pregnancy Week 32 Weight Gain

Pregnancy week 32 weight gain is almost one pound a week and many pregnant women at this stage tend to experience pain in their lower backs and buttocks on account of the shift in the center of gravity. Additionally a common complaint from pregnant women in week 32 is indigestion and heartburn which occurs due to the increasing size of the uterus.

Hence during pregnancy week 32 women are advised to try and increase their consumption of high fiber foods and drinking water so as to prevent constipation. Physically women will notice their hips getting broader and the ligaments beginning to stretch which is all a way of the body trying to prepare itself for labor.

Women who are pregnant should always prepare themselves for the possibility of a cesarean birth by educating and informing themselves about the same as else lack of information will simply add to their fears and anxiety. A cesarean birth is a surgical procedure wherein the baby is delivered by making an incision on the mother’s abdomen and then in the uterus.

Women may have to undergo a cesarean delivery if they are suffering from herpes infection which is still active t the time of labor, if they are expecting multiple babies, if they have delivered their earlier child via cesarean surgery or there is a mechanical obstruction in the birth canal which makes vaginal birth difficult.

In some cases although the women may have been planned and scheduled for a vaginal birth however at the time of labor itself there may be a need for a cesarean delivery if the labor does not progress because of weak contractions or the pelvis is too weak or even if the baby is too large.

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