What To Expect When You Are 12 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 12 denotes the end of the first trimester and indicates that the woman is now on the threshold of the second trimester of pregnancy. During pregnancy week 12, the baby weighs almost half an ounce and is around 2.2 inches in length. Pregnancy week 12 onwards the fetus tends to grow and develop at a tremendous rate.

During the pregnancy week 12 ultrasound, the baby’s genitals will start showing signs of whether the baby will be female or male. Additionally hormones are now being made by the baby’s brains along with a rapid multiplication of the baby’s nerve cells.


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It has also been observed that as early in the pregnancy as 12 weeks the baby’s kidneys may even start producing urine. Additionally the baby’s ears and eyes also start moving closer to the intended final position. Week 12 of the pregnancy onwards the mother also undergoes rapid physical changes as the pregnancy week 12 belly is now beginning to get visible as the uterus pops out of the pelvis and is visible just above the pubic bone. The uterus will then continue to grow to accommodate the growing baby and tends to return to its original size within a few weeks of delivery.

Pregnancy Week 12 Symptoms

One of the positive pregnancy week 12 symptoms is the significant reduction in morning sickness, tiredness and the reduction in the possibility of a miscarriage. Another pregnancy week 12 symptom is a burning sensation in the chest, throat and abdomen which is considered to be normal and is known as heartburn which is caused by an increase in the progesterone hormone. Progesterone tends to relax the valve between the esophagus and the stomach which in turn allows the stomach acids to travel into the esophagus thereby causing an irritation. This can be dealt with drinking liquids only before or after meals and not during meals as far as possible. Similarly during week 12, the pregnant woman should also start eating small meals more frequently throughout the day and also avoid spicy or fizzy foods.

Other early pregnancy symptoms like headaches, constipation. Food cravings, swollen breasts etc which were experienced by the woman will also reduce and disappear completely during and after week 12 of pregnancy. In order to prepare for the second trimester the pregnant woman should exercise regularly for a relatively safe and easy delivery. Additionally she should stay away from addictives like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc which are capable of causing irreversible damage to the baby.

When you are 12 weeks pregnant some symptoms you might notice include skin changes. Those who have freckles find that the freckles darken during and after week 12 of their pregnancy. In case of some women a vertical line is formed on their abdomen. The skin that surrounds your nipples and areolas also tends to darken. Some women have brown patches forming on their neck and face. These spots lighten after your delivery or completely disappear. To combat 12 weeks pregnancy symptoms such as dark spots and patches make sure you use sunscreen during your pregnancy. Check in the market for some chemical free versions that are available and suitable for you during your pregnancy. When you are 12 weeks pregnant symptoms such as heartburn and acidity are considered normal. Your throat, chest, and upper abdomen regions feel a kind of burning sensation which is known as heartburn. This happens when your progesterone levels are increased. These high levels relax the valve that is there between your esophagus and stomach. As a result of this acids can easily enter your esophagus causing severe irritation and a burning sensation. When you are 12 weeks pregnant symptoms such as these can be prevented or relieved by eating less during each meal or eating six small meals a day. Make sure you chew your food well and drink water or other liquids not while eating but after your meals. Avoid greasy and fatty foods, spicy meals and citrus juices. When you are 12 weeks pregnant symptoms such as morning sickness and nausea may bother you. Other common 12 weeks pregnant signs include fatigue, headache, backache, swollen breasts, frequent urination, gas and bloated feeling and craving for certain foods. Check a 12 weeks symptoms pregnancy calendar for information about what happens in the 12th week of pregnancy.

12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your 12 weeks pregnancy ultrasound will look quite different from the one you may have taken a couple of weeks ago. The 12 week pregnant ultrasound is a routine scan that is generally carried out in your 10 to 14 gestation week. The view of the fetus may not be too clear and it might become necessary to perform a scan of the vagina. When you are 12 weeks pregnant an ultrasound is able to help figure out if your date is right and also help you determine if you are pregnant with twins. Some ultrasound videos, especially the ones with split-screen imaging gives you images of what your baby looks like and as his toenails and fingernails start appearing. The baby in your 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound is almost 2.2 inches long.

When you are 12 weeks pregnant a 3D ultrasound with the help of sound waves of high frequency helps obtain clearer images of a fetus that is developing. With the help of such an ultrasound the obstetrician is able to get clear pictures of the umbilical cord as well as the placenta. Ultrasounds that are elective or non diagnostic have in recent times gained immense popularity and families are able to connect with their baby before birth. With a 12 weeks ultrasound the gender of your baby can usually be told with the help of an ultrasound.

However your ultrasound’s accuracy depends on how the baby is positioned as well as the skill of the technician who is performing the scan. When you are 12 weeks pregnant an ultrasound must be used to determine the overall health of the baby. The 12 week ultrasound boy or girl prediction scan should not always be assumed to be totally correct. It is always important to go in for a scan with the right expectations.

12 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

When you are 12 weeks pregnant weight gain is expected. The weight of your uterus increases more and more. During your pregnancy it is important that you gain weight. Women who are obese have to put on at least 11 pounds while those who are underweight have to gain 10-15 pound more than the 25-30 pounds that are expected. If you are carrying twins even when 12 weeks pregnant weight gain has to be more than what is expected for singleton mothers. It is important that you eat well and stay well hydrated even at this stage. This helps you to maintain the right energy levels and also remain healthy.

When you are 12 weeks pregnant you are actually still in your first trimester. There is usually only a slight weight gain in the first trimester. This weight is due to water or material that your baby needs to grow. At this time your baby is very small and tiny. A few women gain up to ten pounds in the first trimester. This is mainly because of less activity and water weight increase. The overall weight a woman who is overweight has to put on in these few weeks is about 3 pounds while someone who is underweight needs to gain about five pounds. If you find that when 12 weeks pregnant your weight gain is more than what is expected check back on your diet and see if there have been any changes in your diet. Your health care provider will use any weight you put on during this time as an indicator of the growth of your baby and will also help to look for potential problems. With the help of a 12 weeks weight gain pregnancy calendar you will be able to calculate the amount of weight you can expect to put during this period. If you are 12 weeks pregnant weight gain is inevitable, but care should be taken and one should consume a health diet. This will ensure the well-being of you child. Remember when pregnant for 12 weeks baby weight gain should be only around half an ounce or so.

12 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

If you are 12 weeks pregnant and bleeding it could be cause for concern but can on the other hand be something very normal. Many women when 12 weeks pregnant find bleeding an occasional problem. This bleeding however is not the same as your monthly period. In your 12th week of pregnancy you are yet in the first trimester. When 12 weeks pregnant and bleeding occurs it could be possible that there is something wrong with your baby. It is found that at least 15-20 percent of pregnancies in this period may end in a miscarriage. When 12 weeks pregnant the bleeding could be signs of a miscarriage especially when accompanied with fever, chills or cramping. If you are 12 weeks pregnant and bleeding make sure you contact your health care provider. Sometimes in your 12 weeks pregnancy period bleeding could indicate some serious problem with your baby One out of every sixty pregnancies could be an ectopic pregnancy and may be life threatening both for the mother and child. Internal bleeding of a very serious nature can occur in an Ectopic pregnancy so if you experience heavy bleeding go to a hospital. If around 12 weeks bleeding during pregnancy occurs do not panic as it may not always mean that a miscarriage is imminent. Studies show that 20% to 30% of women do experience some sort of bleeding around this period. In some women who are 12 weeks pregnant bleeding could occur after intercourse. This happens because of the sensitivity and tenderness of the cervix. To avert any additional irritation stop intercourse till your doctor sees you. Some times when you are 12 weeks pregnant discharge or spotting could be due to the disintegration of a small piece of tissue that has become loose. This is a collection of tissue similar to menstrual discharge and may usually mean nothing.

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