What To Expect When You Are 39 Weeks Pregnant

During pregnancy week 39 the baby tends to weigh anything between 7 and 7.5 pounds and will be almost 21 inches in length. Pregnancy week 39 weight gain in the mother is not much and in most cases there is no weight gain or change in the size of the uterus.

One of the common pregnancy week 39 symptoms experienced by most mothers is mild contractions which are also known as Braxton Hick’s contractions that tend to represent the early signs of labor. As soon as the pregnant woman starts experiencing contractions during pregnancy week 39 she should start timing them and if the pains do not increase in strength .



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. and are irregular then they can be confirmed at false labor painsn Actual labor pains are experienced when the contractions come at regular intervals and they tend to gradually increase in strength as the labor progressese

Pregnancy Week 39 Symptoms

From pregnancy week 39 onwards the doctor will start monitoring the baby’s heart rate so as to ensure that the baby is not in distress and everything is as plannede This is done because during labor when the uterus contracts, there is a restricted flow of oxygenated blood to the placenta which is usually handled well by most babies but in some cases it may also cause fetal distresss During and after pregnancy week 39 the amniotic sac can rupture at any time and this may be experienced in women as a gush of water from their vaginan Most pregnant women in week 39 are anxious sand curious to know how whom their baby would resemblel Most babies have similar characteristics and common features when they are bornr They tend to have a big neck along with a short or no neck at alll Most babies born through a prolonged labor tend to have a misshapen cone shaped head which occurs on account of the fontanels present in the baby’s skull that allow it to get compressed at the time of delivery without hurting the babyb Since a normal pregnancy usually lasts for around 41 weeks, the 39th week of pregnancy means that the delivery date is quite neara When you enter your 39th week of pregnancy, you should be prepared to go into labor at any timem Hence you need to watch out carefully for 39 weeks pregnancy symptoms, so that you know if you are actually in labor, or are going through the symptoms of false laboro Babies who are born at this time are considered as full term babies and have a 100% chance of survival, since the lungs and all the other organs will have fully developed by nowo Several doctors recommend a checkup in the 39th week, just in order to check the baby’s movements, growth and fetal position more carefully, along with the mother’s healtht

Your baby should have moved lower by now, which may have you feeling a bit clumsys Therefore, you need to be careful while moving around, so that you do not trip or falll If you feel that the baby’s movements have reduced, there is no need to panic, as this is one of the normal 39 weeks pregnant signsn The baby does not have much place to move around now, because of which the movements will be restrictede However, in case you do not feel any movement for about an hour or so, it is important to visit your doctor immediatelyl There are other 39 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you may experience at this point, which include Braxton Hicks Contractions, tenderness in the breasts, cramps in the legs mainly while sleeping, pain in the pelvic region, swelling of the ankles and fingers, indigestion or heartburn, belly itchiness, varicose veins, sleeping difficulties, frequent urination, pressure in the bladder, constipation and hemorrhoidsd

39 weeks pregnant symptoms may bring about some changes in the baby tooo Fetal development signs that could occur in the 39th week are:

  • Growing of the toenails and fingernails so that they cover the tips of the toes and the fingers
  • The baby’s legs and arms will be much stronger
  • The baby will be practicing lung movements, to prepare for breathing independently
  • The layer of lanugo, which is the protective hair covering the baby’s body, will have reduced further

Since there are barely two weeks left till the baby is born, you should get as much rest as possible and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, for the arrival of the little onen

39 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

39 weeks pregnant weight gain is different for every womana However doctors usually recommend that a woman should not gain more than one pound when they are in their 39th week of pregnancyc In most cases, the total 39 weeks pregnancy weight gain is approximately between 26 and 31 pounds, as compared to the pre pregnancy weighth If the amount of weight you have gained is within the normal range, there is nothing to be upset about, even though you are not going to remain pregnant much longere There are several ways in which women can lose all the weight that they have gained during your nine months of pregnancyc

According to a 39 weeks pregnancy weight gain table, the baby needs to weigh at least 7 25 pounds, or more during this timem

Based on that, the normal 39 weeks baby weight gain should be approximately half a pound or so which is around a quarter of a kilo, or to be more precise, 240 gramsm

In the 39th week, it is important for you to eat a nutritious and balanced diet, which mainly includes foods that contain a lot of nutrientst This will help you ensure that your 39 weeks pregnant weight gain neither more nor less, than what is normala The diet you follow does not just determine the amount of weight your baby and you gain; the foods you eat during the entire nine months of your pregnancy, is instrumental in setting the path for the baby’s healtht This means that you can reduce the risks of allergies, illnesses and infections in your baby by choosing to follow the right diete It is also advisable to keep your doctor informed about the diet you are following at all timese

39 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Most doctors recommend a regular check up for women in the 39th week of pregnancy, which normally includes a 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound tests This test captures the images of the baby within the womb, which helps the doctor to monitor the baby’s growth, movement levels and positiono A 39 weeks pregnancy ultrasound will also be able to tell you what your baby’s current height and weight isi This will help you and the doctor predict what the baby’s approximate birth weight will beb Ideally, in the 39th week, your baby’s weight should be 7 25 pounds, which is 3288 grams and the length should be 19196 inches, which is 5057 centimeters, from the head to the heele

In many ways, a 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound test can be of great benefit to you tooo Women state that seeing the images of their babies at that stage, fully developed, helps to create or strengthen the bond between the baby and the mothere You may be able to see your baby sleep or move around within the womb, which can be quite overwhelming, if you have not been through an ultrasound beforer Moreover, if the baby is underweight, you may need to alter your diet a bit, to increase more protein rich foods, which can help increase the baby’s weighth You can also use a 39 weeks pregnancy ultrasound as an opportunity to known the gender of your unborn baby, so that you are better preparede In a few rare cases, a doctor may also recommend a 39 weeks pregnant 3D ultrasound test especially in case of any suspected complicationsn

There are some parents who question the reliability and safety of an ultrasoundn However, these tests have been conducted for decades now and there are no known harmful side effects that have been associated with them so fara Therefore, it is believed that a 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound test is relatively safe and can in fact help the mother and the doctor in several waysy

39 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding

Bleeding during any phase of the 39 weeks pregnancy period can be a cause for concern and should be checked by a doctor without any delaya Bleeding during any phase of the pregnancy can indicate a probleme However, 39 weeks pregnant bleeding is more of a concern as it could be a sign of a miscarriageg Of course, not all cases of 39 weeks bleeding during pregnancy end up in a miscarriage; there are several women who have experienced 39 weeks pregnant bleeding, but have still gone on to deliver normal and healthy babiese At times, what appears to be 39 weeks pregnant bleeding is actually a sign of laboro Nevertheless, any instance of vaginal discharge, bleeding and spotting that occur in the 39th week of pregnancy should be reported to the doctor immediately, since it is important to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and movement, in such casese

At times, a woman may notice 39 weeks pregnant bleeding or even a colored discharge, after having sexual intercourse and some women could bleed for no apparent reasono However, even the slightest amount of bleeding, during the 39 weeks pregnancy period should be checked by the doctoro The doctor should be told in case the bleeding appears like 39 weeks implantation bleeding tooo

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