21 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

When you are 21 weeks pregnant with twins, both, you and your babies are undergoing numerous physical changes with the progressing pregnancy tenure. These days it is very easy for pregnant women to monitor the growth of their babies, changes in their own bodies and other important pregnancy related changes with the help of online pregnancy calendars. Women who are carrying twins generally tend to put on more weight as compared to women carrying single babies. At 21 weeks pregnant with twins weight gain for every woman would be different depending on factors like...


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.their pre-conception weight, height and their eating habitst

It is very important for pregnant women to gain the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy to avoid other complicationsn

Women who were overweight or obese at the time of conception need to be more careful about how much weight they gain during the pregnancyc At 21 weeks pregnant with twins weight gain for the babies would be lesser as compared to a single babyb The birth weight of twin babies is generally less as compared to the birth weight of single babiese When you are 21 weeks pregnant with twins, ultrasound images can help you see the growth and development of your twinsn The arms and legs of your babies are now more proportionate to their bodies and their skin too is becoming less transparent as compared to the earlier weeks of pregnancyc

Movements of the babies can be seen clearly on an ultrasound and you may even see them kicking and nudging each othere At this point the babies’ measure around 11 inches from crown to heel and would weigh around 395 grams eachc At 21 weeks pregnant with twins back pain is a common complaint with most pregnant womene The main cause of this back pain is the excess pressure being exerted by the growing uterus on spinal nerves and also the hormonal changes during pregnancyc To avoid putting too much pressure on the back, it is advisable for pregnant women, especially those carrying twins to sleep on their side as opposed to their backc Being 21 weeks pregnant with twins has its own challenges but with a little care pregnant women can make their pregnancy a really pleasant experiencec At 21 weeks pregnant with twins it is also advisable for a woman to find out what changes she may undergo so that she can be well prepared to handle theme

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