What To Expect When You Are 23 Weeks Pregnant

By the 23rd week of pregnancy your baby will weigh about a pound and measure between eight and eleven inches in length. You may also start feeling bulkier although your baby has plenty of space to move around in. Your baby may also respond to the sound of your voice as his/her middle ear is developing. You may feel more movement when you are in engaged in any activity which involves a great deal of sound, for e.g. vacuuming or talking loudly. Most babies born around 23 weeks of pregnancy will have a slim chance of survival. Modern medicine and technology...


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23 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain
...can keep babies alive but a baby born this early will most likely suffer from many problems which continue to plague them throughout their lives.

Pregnancy Week 23 Weight Gain

You will probably have gained 12-15 pounds by the time you are 23 weeks pregnant. This week kick starts the weight gain for the rest of your pregnancy. Over the next four weeks your baby’s weight will double. Your feet and ankles may swell even more - especially during summer or at the end of the day. This sluggish feeling along with changes in blood chemistry could result in water retention which gives rise to the swelling or edema. A certain amount of edema in pregnancy is normal, but excessive swelling should be looked into immediately as it may be a sign of preeclampsia. Notify your doctor if you feel you have excessive swelling on your face, hands, feet or around your eyes.  Week 23 falls in the sixth month of pregnancy and is at the end of the second trimester. When you are 23 weeks pregnant, your weight gain is considerable and you need to keep in mind that this is perfectly normal. In most cases, 23 weeks pregnancy weight gain is rather steady at about 1 pound per week. A lot of your weight gain during week 23 of pregnancy is due to the rapid increase in your baby’s weight. Your baby would have weighed approximately 15.17 ounces in week 22 of pregnancy but at 23 weeks baby weight gain increases to about 1.10 pound. If you have been measuring your waist on a daily basis, you may also notice a rather pronounced increase. In most cases, this increase is largely due to bloating and gassiness and if you have been suffering from this problem, you will need to take steps to resolve it. In many cases, milk is the main cause for bloating and excessive gassiness during pregnancy. However, since it has immense nutritional benefits for a pregnant mother, it would not be advisable for you to avoid it altogether. To prevent bloating caused by milk, you can dilute it with an equal amount of water. This would mean that instead of having a cup of milk in the morning, you would need to add half a cup of water to half a cup of milk and since the milk is now dilute, it will not cause gassiness. If your pregnancy diet plan requires you to have a cup of milk in the morning, you can have a cup of this half-strength milk along with your breakfast and then one more cup later in the morning. This ensures that your nutritional requirements are met without the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms of bloating and gassiness. You can discuss 23 weeks pregnant weight gain with your doctor to allay any doubts.

Pregnancy Week 23 Symptoms

Symptoms you may feel at this time include hyper pigmentation which causes darker freckles and areolas. The linea negra will be more visible for this reason too. Stretch marks will appear. You will have mood swings due to rising hormones, vaginal discharge and itchy and dry skin too. The top of your uterus will be about 1 ½ inches above your naval by now. It is directly above the bladder which is uncomfortable and may also lead to leaking. Anxiety, heartburn, frequent urination, leg cramps and general discomfort are other symptoms. You might even experience Braxton Hicks contractions. These are random and do not cause any pain. They prepare your body for labor and delivery.  If you are in the 23rd week and carrying multiples it is best to familiarize yourself with the signs of preterm labor which include: recurrent contractions, cramping, watery or bloody vaginal discharge and a sense of pelvic fullness. Some parents are keen to know the sex of their child which should be clearly visible in an ultrasound in the 23rd week. At 23 weeks pregnant symptoms that are typically associated with pregnancy like nausea and morning sickness would have long receded. These are in fact early pregnancy symptoms that typically subside or vanish altogether by the 22nd week itself. You’re still well into your pregnancy though, so at 22 weeks pregnant, symptoms of pregnancy would still be present, but these are quite different. There are changes occurring in your body as the uterus continues to grow and expand rapidly, making you feel a lot bulkier. Things are however getting a lot more comfortable for your baby, with more spacious interiors for him/her to begin moving about. Around 23 weeks into pregnancy the symptoms that are most sought after would in fact be the sensation of movements of your baby. It is an exhilarating experience that most first time mothers would initially probably mistake for tummy rumblings. But these movements are actually an inalienable symptom of pregnancy. The expansion of the uterus and fetal development and growth does increase pressure on the other organs in the region however, most noticeably on the bladder. At 23 weeks pregnant symptoms like increased frequency of urination are unavoidable. This can be quite bothersome, but it can be controlled to a certain extent. Limit your fluid intake an hour or two prior to bed time so as to avoid interruptions to your sleep. Indigestion and problems like heartburn and constipation are also likely to act up and at 22 weeks pregnant these signs of pregnancy are only natural. These symptoms can however be addressed through simple dietary changes, by including plenty of fiber rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Lighter and more frequent meals through the day rather than the customary large lunch and dinner would also be advisable. Mood swings during pregnancy are also very much a part at this stage and you may also notice some vaginal discharge and symptoms like itchy or dry skin. Swelling of the feet and leg cramps could also be a bother and its important that you allow your legs to rest and also keep them fit at the same time with some light exercise. Pamper yourself with a nice warm soak in a tub.

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 23 weeks pregnant an ultrasound would be late as it is generally conducted during the 18th to 22th weeks of the gestation period. This of course does not mean that at 23 weeks pregnant an ultrasound will be of no use. Ultrasound tests are imaging tests that are used in pregnancy to track fetal development and growth and the progress of the pregnancy. The health of the mother’s reproductive and pelvic region can also be ascertained through ultrasound tests. Ultrasound testing is also used to determine the sex of the baby although many parents prefer not to be informed about the same, in which case it would be advisable to inform the technician of the same prior to testing. As far as dating a pregnancy goes, the accuracy of ultrasound imaging would largely depend upon the stage of the pregnancy at which the ultrasound is conducted. The best results are to be obtained in the first 18 weeks, but at 23 weeks pregnant an ultrasound test is not likely to be horribly off. This test can be used with great accuracy between the seventh to the fourteenth weeks, with an accuracy of plus or minus three days. Measurements of femur length, biparietal diameter and abdominal circumference are used during the 23 weeks pregnancy ultrasound. The accuracy of testing however declines as the gestation period progresses. As regards the detection of fetal abnormalities the test could be ambiguous, with there being both false negatives and false positives. At 23 weeks pregnant 3d ultrasound test requirement may cause you some worry, but this is unfounded as there have been found to be no biological effects on fetuses from ultrasounds. Ultrasounds do not use any radiation and only use sound waves, which are generally found to be harmless.

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