Weight Gain & Ultrasound During the 34th Week of Pregnancy

During pregnancy week 34 the baby is around 17.7 inches in length and usually weighs in at around 4.7 pounds. At pregnancy week 34 the baby is primarily focused at growing and hence spends most of its time in filling out and adding meat to its bones. Estimating the weight of the baby is sometimes a challenge as the pregnancy progresses as the placenta and amniotic fluid tend to hamper with the findings.

However a pregnancy week 34 ultrasound is useful in revealing the baby’s weight and size. The ultrasound will also help the doctor in measuring the diameter and circumference of the baby’s head and the size of the baby’s abdomen.



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Week 34 Of Pregnancy

.so that the doctor can accordingly estimate how big the baby will be at the actual time of deliveryr

Pregnancy Week 34 Weight Gain

Pregnancy week 34 weight gain is different for different women as some women tend to carry their baby differently and the size of the abdomen cannot be taken as an indication of the size of the babyb During pregnancy week 34; most pregnant women get anxious about whether their baby will fit through the birth canala In some women, the baby is known to drop lower into the belly during pregnancy week 34 which is a natural process wherein the baby’s head begins to enter the birth canal in order to prepare for deliveryr If the woman is having a baby for the first time, this process may occur even a few weeks before actual deliveryr When this happen the pregnant woman will notice that it’s easier for them to breathe as the lungs do not press into the uterus at the time of expansion while taking a deep breatht

Your Baby

At pregnancy week 34 the baby’s nervous system and brain have developed fully and the increase in calcium intake by the mother results in the hardening and strengthening of the baby’s bonese Pregnant women in week 34 are advised to increase their intake of calcium and other vital minerals and vitaminsn Antibodies are passed on to the baby from the mother’s body and will continue to pass onto the baby if the mother breastfeeds the baby after its birtht Some common pregnancy week 34 symptoms include rapid weight gain, body ache and difficulty sleepingn The pregnancy week 34 ultrasound also shows that the baby can keep its eyes open when it’s awake and this week on the only major change in the baby is its weight gaini

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