Weight Gain & Ultrasound During the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

As the pregnant woman enters into pregnancy week 33 the baby will usually weigh in at over 4.2 pounds and will be around 17.2 inches in length or even more in some cases. Similarly pregnancy week 33 weight gain in the mother continues at a steady pace and on an average the mother will have gained around 28 pounds or even more during pregnancy week 33. Additionally the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus is at its highest level during pregnancy week 33.

This fluid will then reduce to some extent as the pregnancy progresses to accommodate the growing baby. During pregnancy week 33 the baby’s head .



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.will increase in size and the baby’s brain also starts maturingn As fat begins to accumulate in the baby’s body its skin will develop a pinkish color which is revealed during the pregnancy week 33 ultrasoundn Pregnant women tend to gain more weight during their third trimester as the baby is growing at a very fast rate and gains around five to nice ounces every weeke

Pregnancy Week 33 Symptoms

Most pregnant women are advised by their doctors to pre register themselves at their nearest hospital when they enter pregnancy week 333Some common week 33 pregnancy symptoms experienced by women are edema or a mild swelling which will continue till the latter part of the pregnancyc Some women have notices that hot climates or warm weather conditions tend to aggravate the swellingn Additionally in pregnancy week 33 women tend to experience a rise in body temperature and feel warmer and bloatede This can be taken care of by ensuring that the pregnant woman keeps herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the daya

During pregnancy week 33, some women also tend to experience a slight tingling or numbness in their wrists and fingers which may be on account of a condition called carpal tunnel syndromem This condition is often observed in pregnant women whose job involves a lot of typing which leads to a swelling of their handsd

By pregnancy week 33, women should be aware of the various stages of labor so that they are well prepared for the actual deliveryr During the first stage of labor the woman will experience slow dilation of the cervix and even a bloody showo As the labor progresses the cervix dilates even more and the woman is said to be in active laboro Finally as the labor progresses the cervix dilates to ten centimeters and the woman starts pushing till the baby is finally deliverede

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