Bleeding During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

By Niki | June 24, 2011
Bleeding In 1St Trimester

Studies indicate that around 33% of all pregnant women experience vaginal bleeding during first trimester. This shows that even though bleeding during first trimester of pregnancy sounds like a major cause for concern, there are several women who have been through the experience. Many of these women have then gone on to have perfectly normal and healthy babies. Therefore, after hearing of such instances, it is only natural for women to wonder if bleeding during first trimester is alright.

Is bleeding during first trimester normal?

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy cannot be written off as a normal occurrence, especially during the first trimester, since the risks of miscarriage are higher during this time. Therefore, even though some causes of bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy could pose no threat to the baby, it is important to have a doctor conduct an internal checkup to determine if everything is alright.

One of the most common causes of light bleeding during the first trimester is implantation. Generally, there is no pain experienced with bleeding occurs because of this reason; however, abdominal cramps may be felt. The best way to deal with this is to get ample bed rest, so that the bleeding stops. There is a risk of a miscarriage in case a woman experiences heavy bleeding during first trimester because of implantation.

Since women undergo severe hormonal changes during the initial stages of pregnancy, it is very common for them to experience light bleeding during first trimester. As long as the flow of blood remains light, this condition is not very serious and does not require any treatment, apart from rest and restricted activity.

Unfortunately, bleeding during the first trimester, i.e., at around 6 weeks or so, could also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy with a very serious and should be treated by a doctor immediately. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in a place outside the uterus, which is unnatural. Hence, such a pregnancy can never progress in the natural way.

Some women may experience bleeding during the first trimester after engaging in strenuous physical activity or even sexual intercourse. This could have an adverse effect on the pregnancy as well as the baby.

It is important to go through a proper medical diagnosis, to determine if a particular instance of bleeding during first trimester is dangerous or not. Therefore, all cases of vaginal bleeding during first trimester, or rather, the entire course of pregnancy, should be investigated by a doctor immediately, regardless of how light the flow of blood is.

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