The Symptoms, Causes, Risks & Signs of Miscarriage at 11 Weeks

Miscarriage at 11 weeks may happen because of various factors such as STDs like HPV that cause genital or plantar wart growths and urinary infections. However, women who miscarry can go on to conceive and carry a baby to full term. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor special measures and dietary changes that may be necessary.

It is also important to talk to your doctor about the amount of time you will have to wait before you try to conceive again. It is believed that a certain percentage of pregnancies end in a spontaneous abortion.


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Also the age of a woman increases this risk. A pregnant woman above the age of 35 has a greater risk of miscarrying than a woman who is 25 years old. Chromosome abnormality is another common reason of pregnancy loss and miscarriage after 11 weeks.

Symptoms of Miscarriage at 11 Weeks

Miscarriage at 11 weeks means that a woman has miscarried in the first trimester and first trimester miscarriages are quite common. There are signs and symptoms to look out for to ascertain whether one is having a miscarriage or not. A percentage of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriages and sometimes it happens when a woman has not even realized that she is pregnant. Several miscarriages take place when in the first two months of pregnancy, while other women can miscarry in the third month or in the second trimester.

Causes of Miscarriage

Some of the causes include

  • Genetic factors
  • Systemic disorders like lupus
  • Viruses
  • Infections like Chlamydia
  • Immunologic causes like insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalances

Miscarriage Risks and Signs at 11 Weeks

The symptoms often depend upon the trimester you are in and for how long you've been carrying. While it is best to speak with your doctor about this, here are a few signs to look out for.

Symptoms of miscarriage in the early stages include bleeding that looks similar to a heavy period.The symptoms of miscarriage include bleeding, cramping and moderate pain.If a woman miscarries in the second trimester, then she might experience intense pain and bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding and cramping are the most common symptoms of a miscarriage. Bleeding and cramping can be severe, moderate or mild. When a woman gets vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, then it is called 'threatened abortion.' The word threatened is used because not everyone miscarries after experiencing vaginal bleeding. Research shows that majority of pregnancies where there is fetal cardiac activity can lead to vaginal bleeding in women who are seven to eleven weeks pregnant

Miscarriage After 11 Weeks
Miscarriage 11 Weeks
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