Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

The thrill, joy, excitement, anticipation and anxiety that pregnancy brings can only be appreciated by mothers and mothers to be. The strange and intoxicating rush and whirl of emotions can be quite overwhelming and leave you feeling both exuberant and fatigued at the same time. The emotional roller coaster is accompanied by mood swings, morning sickness, and a host of other symptoms of pregnancy, and you can feel quite powerless against, and overwhelmed by your hormones. Pregnancy yoga is probably the best discipline for any expecting mother as it helps you achieve tranquility in the midst of all this turmoil and it also...


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.offers a variety of health benefits for both you and your babyb

The practice of yoga during pregnancy has become increasingly popular in the last decade as health care experts have been able to observe and record many of the benefits that it offersr

Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps prepare you both mentally and physically for labor and practically ensures a swift delivery, free of any serious complicationsn Pregnancy yoga not only prepares you for the culmination of the pregnancy, but it also makes the entire experience of pregnancy a lot easier to beara It eliminates or at least minimizes many of the problematic symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness, constipation, and so ono The physical benefits of pregnancy yoga are however a lot more obviousu It strengthens the pelvic and abdominal muscles, and relieves upper back tension and other physical problems that often develop during and after pregnancyc As an added bonus pregnancy yoga also helps women get in shape a lot more easily following child birtht Read more on pregnancy yoga exercises

Before you get ahead of yourself and decide to leap into any yoga practice it should be pointed out that pregnancy yoga is not the same as any random yoga practice sessiono There are specific and best pregnancy yoga poses that are chosen carefully, based on the requirements of pregnancy, and more importantly there are some poses that need to be strictly avoided during pregnancyc Pregnant women are advised against practicing any of the poses that require you to lie on your belly or backc

Safe pregnancy yoga poses also vary depending on the stage of the pregnancyc For example, in the first trimester, standing poses like the mountain pose, triangle pose, and warrior pose are recommended to help strengthen the legs and improve circulationo During the second and third trimester you are advised to cut down your practice of poses in pregnancy yoga to avoid fatigueu Practice will need to be stopped completely towards the end of the pregnancyc You would also need to avoid practicing inversionsn Some other poses that are included in pregnancy yoga include seated poses like the seated forward bend, the hero pose, and also stretching and warm up poses like the cat poses

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