Yoga During Pregnancy First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

As the practice of yoga has spread rapidly across the western world, becoming somewhat of a trend, so has awareness about the discipline. With more extensive research having been conducted into the effects of yoga, the value of the discipline to health care has become increasingly apparent and recognized by medical practitioners. The practice of yoga during pregnancy has also gained acceptance as a valuable fitness strategy for expectant mothers that can help not just cope with pregnancy symptoms, but also improve general health and make for a safer and easier labor and delivery free of complications.


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Whether you are an experienced practitioner of yoga or a novice it would be advisable to do some research and consult with or seek guidance from an experienced yoga instructor before attempting to start or resume yoga practice during pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga does follow the same principles and practices as any other yoga routine, but there are certain modifications to poses and the manner of practice. There are certain pregnancy yoga poses that are particularly valuable to pregnant women and should be included in any session of yoga during the pregnancy's first trimester.

Your biggest concern should however be the avoidance of certain yoga poses. While all yoga poses offer tremendous health benefits under normal circumstances, some of these poses can put you and your baby at great risk.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy first trimester does offer its share of challenges, but it follows the same rule as any yoga practice - you have to listen to your body and not attempt to strain it. Yoga routines are not meant to be intense physical workouts, but relaxing and invigorating. Practicing yoga during pregnancy in the first trimester can be extremely helpful as this is when the pregnancy symptoms are at their worst. The breathing techniques that are so intrinsic to yoga practice when practiced in combination with pregnancy yoga poses can leave you feeling rejuvenated instead of fatigued. The improved oxygen supply and blood flow through the body doesn't just benefit you, but is also great for fetal development, which occurs during the first trimester.

The combination of breathing exercises, poses and meditational practices help relax and de-stress, helping combat pre and postnatal depression. The calmness and tranquility that pregnancy yoga promotes also benefits your baby. It also helps to deal with stress and pain during pregnancy and during labor, enabling you to relax and making for an easier delivery. Pregnancy yoga poses help tone and strengthen the muscles, particularly the pelvic and back muscles, which are severely strained during pregnancy.

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