Ashtanga Yoga During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Practicing Ashtanga yoga during pregnancy improves a women's stamina during labor and delivery. The techniques in ashtanga yoga may help in minimizing the pain. The labor and delivery depends on many variables such as the family history of delivery, pelvis size, position of the baby, and so on. The conditioning gained from mula bandha may help women to push the baby out more efficiently.

The term pregnancy yoga refers to the yoga postures specifically designed for pregnant woman. Ashtanga yoga may be too intense...


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.for you if you have never exercised before your pregnancyc So it's better not to try anything new at this stageg

Pregnant women should definitely practice simple breathing and meditation techniquese There are specific exercises for pregnant womana Yoga during pregnancy is safe but there are a few postures that need to be avoidede An expert yoga trainer can help you gain more insights into pregnancy yoga posese

The practice of Ashtanga yoga during the first trimester is an individual mattere There are those who say that Ashtanga yoga should not be practiced at all during the first trimestere This advice holds especially true in cases where you have already experienced miscarriage or complications in pregnancyc This is advised strictly in a few cases as one generally does not know if the pregnancy is high risk or not until the end of first trimester or latere So it is better to take the conservative approach to have safe and healthy pregnancy without any complicationsn

Basically, anyone who has no practice of Ashtanga yoga before pregnancy should not start it during the pregnancyc Pregnant women can instead attend prenatal yoga classese When pregnant you should not practice yoga for purification of the bodyd You should practice it to increase your awareness on what is happening in your body at a deeper levele So your mantra should be to nurture yourself and the baby growing within youo During pregnancy you may not have sufficient strength to support your motionsn During your second trimester, if you have morning sickness, do not start with regular yoga practice until your morning sickness subsides and comes to an endn

Listen to your body, and never overdo anythingn Consult your doctor to know what should be avoided during pregnancyc Each person has unique experience of pregnancyc What may be good for one may not be good for the othere So it is better to know about these things beforehand to avoid any complicationsn

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