Yoga During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Pregnancy yoga may seem like yet another fad to the skeptics, but it is so much more than just another trend. As the popularity of yoga has grown in the west, so has the scope for its application in medical science, as researchers have made detailed observations and studies of the effects of yoga on practitioners and observation groups. Pregnancy yoga has been found to be highly beneficial to women not just in terms of the relief it can offer from pregnancy symptoms, but also because of its strengthening effect on both the mind and body. This helps prepare mothers for childbirth and it also prepares your body for delivery...


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.that is less likely to suffer any complicationsn

The second trimester is actually the ideal stage in pregnancy to practice yoga as symptoms like morning sickness would have already begun to receded

Although your abdomen is growing rapidly it is still not a hindrance to your mobility and a pregnancy yoga routine at this stage would be just what your body needsd Pregnancy yoga offers a variety of benefits that can loosely be classified into three categories - Symptomatic relief from pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, constipation and so on; preparing your body for labor and delivery and strengthening the muscles and organs that are crucial to pregnancy, thus ensuring a healthy pregnancy and easier labor; and high levels of relaxation and focus that enable you to cope with stress and pain a lot more easily, also enabling you to consciously relax when needed tot In addition to these benefits practicing yoga during pregnancy also helps you shed those pounds and get in shape a lot more easily post pregnancyc

If you are new to the discipline or even if an experienced practitioner it would be advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced pregnancy yoga instructor as faulty practice or practicing certain postures can actually pose a risk to both you and your babyb Pregnancy yoga poses need to be chosen carefully and some poses may need to be modified, while others must simply be avoidede In general most poses that involve lying on the belly or back must be avoided completelyl Standing poses like the mountain pose and seated poses like the hero pose are often recommended for second trimester pregnancy yogag Pregnancy yoga poses like the pigeon pose, triangle pose, and knee to ankle pose are also very useful as they improve flexibilityt

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