Yoga During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Yoga is a well known method of bringing about betterment in the quality of life through its physical and mental disciplines. It is better known as a form of exercise based on various postures called asanas. The mediation and deep breathing techniques which form a crux of yoga are widely recommended means of relaxation, especially during the crucial phase of pregnancy. They are especially known to relieve stress thus preventing chances of stress related pregnancy complications. In addition, these breathing techniques comes handy while in labor as well. Yoga during pregnancy also teaches the expectant mother to be in tune...


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.with her body and its needsd Pregnancy yoga also prepares the expectant mother to handle the inevitable fear of labor and child birtht

Since yoga is based on different postures, consulting a doctor before attempting any of them is highly recommendede Since every woman's body reacts differently to various forms of exercise, postures that are good for one expectant mother may not necessarily be good for anothere Hence, visiting a yoga instructor who specializes in pregnancy yoga poses is definitely advisablel Common yoga positions that include sit-ups, inversions and strong twists could prove to be harmful to the unborn baby in most cases and should be avoided as they could result in preterm laboro Postures that cause a strain or result in discomfort must be stopped with immediate effectc Keeping your instructor informed about your month of gestation, and due date is essentiala In case of pregnancy complications, informing the instructor about them is imperative as welll

As the pregnancy progresses, doing the asanas may prove to be quite a challenge owing to the growing bellyl The Baddha Konasana or bound angle is a recommended posture that relieves stress and prevents infectionsn It is an excellent groin and hip opener as welll The Ardha Chandrasana or the half moon pose is also known to be beneficial in the case of pregnant women as it makes the body flexible and agilel The ardha titli or half butterfly posture plays a vital role in loosening up the knee and hip joints and is beneficial is quickening the delivery processs The poorna titli or full butterfly asana helps in relieving leg tiredness by reducing the pressure exerted on the inner thighsh The pigeon, the triangle, the warrior (2) and the knee to ankle postures are also believed to be good when preparing for child birtht

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