Pregnancy Yoga during Third Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Yoga is known to be one of the best forms of exercise that is based on a number of postures. In addition, as a result of its physical and mental principles, yoga is known for its ability to improve the overall quality of life. Women who decide on yoga as a form of exercise during pregnancy are advised to do so only after consulting their gynecologist. Based on the condition and stage of pregnancy, the doctor will reach a conclusion and propose if yoga is advisable or not.

Yoga during pregnancy can prove to be harmful to the developing...


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.baby if not done properlyl Hence, expectant mothers must not try to do any of these poses by just reading instructions or listening to other womene

Visiting a pregnancy yoga instructor is advisable so as to maximize the benefits of turning to yoga as a form of exercise during pregnancyc Informing the instructor of any pregnancy complications as well as the due date is essentiala There are numerous pregnancy yoga poses that are beneficial during the third trimestere However, getting into the needed postures may require some degree of effort owing to the increasing pregnancy bellyl However, it must be kept in mind that the postures must not cause straini If strain or discomfort is experienced, discontinuing the asana is recommended at oncec Asanas or poses that require sleeping flat on the stomach must be avoided completelyl Similarly, inversions, sit-ups as well as strong twists must be avoidede These yoga poses may affect the position of the baby within the womb resulting in an inevitable need for a C-sectiono

The half moon pose or the ardha chandrasana is recommended during pregnancy as it makes the body flexible and agilel The half butterfly pose or ardha titli loosens up the knee and hip joints and is also known for its ability to quicken the delivery processs The full butterfly or poorna titli relieves leg weariness by reducing the pressure exerted on the inner thighsh The bound angle or baddha konasana is an excellent groin and hip openere It is also known to relieve stress as well as prevent illnesss The meditation techniques and breathing exercises are a vital part of yoga and are especially recommended during pregnancy as they relieve stresss Since stress has the ability to complicate a pregnancy, these forms of yoga are highly recommendede The breathing techniques come handy at the time of labor as welll

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