Stage 1 Baby Food

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

There are many different brands and kinds of baby foods that are available commercially. Every time you visit the supermarket, you may get confused about which baby food you should buy. From simple vegetables to some of the fancier mixed foods, there is a lot of choice when it comes to baby foods.

In order to choose which food your baby should be consuming, look for foods that correspond to your baby's growth. Usually, the labels on the jars of baby food indicate the age of the baby for which the food is appropriate.


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Stage 1 baby food, for instance, is specifically meant for those who have just started on solid foods. For babies who are being weaned from breast milk, stage 1 baby food is the best. Stage 1 baby food will typically be vegetables and fruits that have been pureed to a viscous liquid form.

As the stages progress, the consistency of the food becomes thicker. You can obtain a stage 1 baby food chart from your doctor to plan the foods of your baby accordingly. If you are not too keen on buying these foods commercially, you can puree fruits and vegetables at home as well. Look for stage 1 baby food recipes and prepare foods accordingly. Stage 1 baby food is appropriate for very young children. The ideal stage 1 baby food age is about six months to eighteen months. After your child is eighteen months old, you can begin introducing stage 2 foods to the palate. Also read more about baby feeding stages.

Stage 1 baby food list is again obtainable from a pediatrician. However, as a parent, it is important for you to ascertain whether the food you are giving to your child is of a high quality. It is important to check the expiry date of the food before you buy it. The expiry date is usually given on the label of the jar, or the bottom of it. Also check the vacuum seal of the packaging. The packaging should be slightly indented towards the middle. In case the packaging seems puffed up, it is an indication of bacterial growth in the food and the food should be discarded.

When you are using the foods, wipe the cap and the jar before removing the bottle's contents. Avoid any foods which have added sugars or modified starches. In the beginning, try and buy simple foods instead of complex ones. Single ingredient foods should be offered to children before giving them foods with multiple ingredients.

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