Pregnancy Stages in Second Trimester

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

A woman goes through three phases or should I say trimesters during pregnancy. It is mainly divided into three month each trimester. Pregnancy is classified into 3 pregnancy stages that is the first trimester the first 3 months of pregnancy where the baby is forming its major organs, the second trimester the fourth to the sixth month of pregnancy and then the last the months are the third trimester. The second trimester is also known as the planning trimester. In the second trimester the fetus focuses on growing in size and weight as its organs and systems are already developed in the first trimester.


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When the second trimester of begins your pregnancy will start to show. The second stage of pregnancy is rather slow. Although there is developments that take place especially for you for your baby as compared to the first trimester there would be certain changes only.

  The changes that usually take place are  strong heat beats can be felt, nails grow, body hair grows, sucks thumb, eyes are open, a creamy substance, called vernix, covers the skin, the skin is wrinkled and the baby appears a little thin, the baby’s movements also become increasingly vigorous. However, all this differs from baby to baby. Even though for a woman there are a lot of hormonal changes during the second trimester many woman find that their desire for sex increases. The other changes that a woman experience is their nipple grows darker, craving for food, digestion of food may change, heart burns, emotional, stretch marks on your abdomen will be visible, your skin may change especially on your face you will feel a glow. The glow on your face is because of the kind of food you eat during pregnancy.

At the end of six months your baby would be approximately 11 to 14 inches long and weighs 1½ pounds. This however is different for each baby. The baby’s begins to smile, frown and wrinkle its brow as its facial muscles attaché themselves. Baby’s neck is longer and its chin does no longer rest on the chest. As you experience a lot of changes you would require to make changes to your lifestyle as well like going to bed early, eating frequently, wearing loose clothing, avoid alcohol, cigarettes and so on. By the end of the second trimester of pregnancy stage the placenta and umbilical cord are now fully developed and continue to increase in size.

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