Pregnancy Yoga At Home

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

During a pregnancy, there are a number of changes that take place within the body. These changes give rise to physical changes in stature and shape of the body of a woman who is expecting a child. Due to the changes that take place during this period, an expectant mother is at risk of experiencing certain levels of stress. In order to stay composed and fit at the same time, pregnancy yoga is commonly practiced by expectant women all around the world. The very essence of the practice of yoga is centered on relaxation and release of unwanted stress from the body.


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The final pregnancy stages are the most crucial period for both, mother and child, and though a certain amount of exercise is recommended, exertion on the part of the mother could lead to dire consequences. Yoga during pregnancy is a rather safe form of staying physically and mentally healthy. However, there are a number of yoga positions that serve specific purposes and it is advisable that an expectant mother check with her medical practitioner before attempting different pregnancy yoga poses.

Yoga positions that require twisting of the body and other acts of contortionism may threaten the natural development of the child and should be avoided. Seeking counsel from a yoga instructor would prove to be beneficial because of the fact that an instructor would have thorough knowledge of the poses and the exercises undertaken in pregnancy yoga. At any point of time, if you are feeling a certain amount of discomfort while attempting a particular posture, you must stop immediately and inform your instructor of the discomfort experienced. The instructor must also be kept well aware of your due date, current gestational status and other important information.

Breathing exercises are a part of pregnancy yoga that helps to relieve stress and refresh oneself. Asanas, or the more advanced poses of pregnancy yoga, may be a little difficult to attain during the third trimester of the pregnancy because of the growing baby within the womb, and the changing shape of the mother's body. The preparation for childbirth can be made much more comfortable through the practice of pregnancy yoga exercises that teach correct breathing and stretching techniques that will lower the physical and mental stress being experienced at that point of time. Yoga is an age old practice and has proved to be extremely helpful in good, healthy living.

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