Baby Developmental Milestones at 18 Months

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 16, 2012

Baby Milestones At 18 Months

Your baby has now grown into a cute little toddler. Your child is now entering a world where he/she has tremendous energy levels, is filled with curiosity and has lot of stubbornness in its attitude. As parents of a toddler, you will face new challenges and troubles while handling your child. Your 18 month old baby will soon be restless and will be seen running around like there's no tomorrow.


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It will be difficult for you to pin him/her down. Your child may change as far as appearance is concerned as well as fat loss and increased muscle tissue are common 18 month baby milestones.

Your child manages to touch many 18 month baby milestones by this time.

By now your baby can easily climb the stairs using one hand as a support, kick a ball and walk faster than you might expect. Your child will now start speaking. He/she can combine four to ten words and speak two-word phrases with much ease. Though a little clarity may be needed you may be in a position to understand what he/she means. Your baby can now understand directions clearly. He/she can now understand when you say 'come here' or 'go there.' By teaching the child to identify different body parts, your child can easily point to some of them. Your child will now kiss you to express his/her love towards you and your partner.

18 month baby milestones also include better control of their mouth and their lips and so they can be fed from a cup or using a spoon. Do not expect your toddler to be neat and tidy while doing this, though. Your child's fine motor skills are almost developed by now. He/she can imitate something by drawing a stroke or two using a crayon on a blank paper. He/she can hold things easily and properly like a toy or a telephone.

you give your baby a colorful book, he/she will hold it and look at it for some time and then start running around again. Even the sleeping routine becomes easier for your child. Put your baby on the bed and pat him/her and your child will start sleeping without much coercing. Your presence is important till your baby starts sleeping.

Some children show the readiness for potty training around this time. The moment your child agrees to sit on the potty chair, you can go ahead and train your child. This is the time when your child can get many infections and your visits to the doctor's clinic may become regular. By developing different infections, your child's immunity level increases. So, do not panic. Lastly, address all your concerns by seeking the advice of the doctor to make sure that your child is healthy.

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