Pregnancy Symptoms Before Positive Test

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 20, 2012

A woman’s body undergoes many changes when she is pregnant. Though the pregnancy tests do not confirm a pregnancy prior to two weeks after conception, the body already starts showing signs of the pregnancy. There won’t be any visible changes, but if you have been actively trying to conceive, you can carefully observe the pregnancy symptoms.

If you have not been actively trying to conceive, you probably will not realize that you are pregnant unless you missed your menstruation cycle...


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First Early Signs of Pregnancy

.So subtle are the changes in your body that they are completely missed by someone who is not paying close attentiono

The body of each woman is different from the other and the way it reacts to a pregnancy is also very differentn

Some women may be very conscious of their symptoms right after the conception, while others may not experience these symptoms at alll For a lot of women, pregnancy symptoms kick in a few weeks after the pregnancy is confirmede Some women even tend to have different symptoms with each pregnancyc

Here are some of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy:

  • Perhaps the first sign of pregnancy is the change in the breastst The areolas darken and the breasts become tendere You can even see blue veins running across the breastst
  • A lot of women experience tension in their musclese Cramps can occur due to the slight expansion of the uterusu This is often not noticed since the cramping occurs right around the time a woman’s menstrual period is dueu More on pregnancy symptoms before missed period
  • Since the hormones begin to work up in the body immediately after you conceive, you may experience nausea and fatigue, two of the most common side effects of the surge in hormonal levelsl
  • The food cravings and aversions also begin almost immediately after the conceptiono
  • As the volume of fluid in the body increases, you may experience the urge to urinate frequentlyl The pressure of the swelling uterus over the bladder causes this frequency of urinationo
  • The basal temperature of the body becomes higher than normala Since the progesterone levels in the body rise, the body temperature remains highere
  • Almost all women experience implantation spottingn It occurs as dark red or brown colored droplets of bloodo This happens when the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine liningn See also implantation symptoms
  • Morning sickness or vomiting may also be caused due to the upsurge in hormonese

While these are the earliest pregnancy symptoms, it is possible for women to experience only some or none of theme

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