Baby Name Tattoo Ideas for Mom & Dad

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 14, 2012

Ever since several famous, international celebrities have had their children's names inked on to their skin, moms and dads all over the world have started inscribing their kid's names on to their arms, forearms, wrists, back, nape, calves and perhaps even feet. Of course, celebrities are not the only reason that the popularity of baby name tattoos is increasing globally. If you'd like to have a permanent, life-long and visual reminder of your child's entry into the world, you can now look at options that are a lot more appealing than stretch marks, like perhaps a tattoo of your baby's name.


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As a parent to be, you probably spent weeks or perhaps even months, choosing the ideal name for your little bundle of joy. This is because the name you give your tot will stick with him for the rest of his life (hopefully). Moreover, your baby's name is probably one of the first things that you will give him.

Therefore, many new parents think that getting their child's name indelibly marked on to their skin is a creative way of showing their love towards their offspring. Many parents also believe that the relationship between a parent and child is permanent, just like a tattoo.

There are several different types of baby name tattoos that you can opt for, in case you decide to get inked. Some of the most common baby name tattoo ideas for mom & dad include –


In case you are looking for a tattoo that is on the smaller side, you could have your little one's initials engraved on to your skin. Baby initials make for great tattoos on the wrist, back or chest.


Writing your baby's name in a fancy style, font or color is quite common with many moms and dads. You can either choose to write just the first name, or add the middle and last name, if you'd like a bigger tattoo. Depending upon the part of the body you are getting the name tattooed on, you could choose big and bold or small and dainty lettering. You could have your artist create designs with the names written vertically or horizontally. Many parents also choose to have their kid's names written in foreign languages, like Sanskrit or Chinese.

Name and birthdate:

Some parents honor their children's names as well as their date of birth, by getting both tattooed on to their skin. If this idea is appealing, you can have your child's date of birth (Month, date and year) inscribed under the name.

Name and zodiac sign:

Of course, not everyone believes in astrology and sun signs, but many parents think it is fun to get a tattoo of their child's zodiac sign. There are different symbols for each sign of the zodiac and you can choose the one that most appeals to you. Many parents also write their child's name and date of birth, along with the zodiac sign.

Name and footprints:

Little baby footprints (or handprints) look absolutely adorable in their baby books. Many dads think it is a great idea to get a tattoo of their kid's first footprint. Baby footprints make for great tattoos on the foot, chest or the arm. Almost all the hospitals, clinics and nursing homes across the US take a copy of the baby's footprint on birth, for their records. You could obtain an extra copy of the footprints and take it to your tattoo artist. Another interesting idea could be getting your child's name and date of birth written around the footprint.


This is one of the most challenging tattoos for any artist to execute, which is why it isn't very common, even though it is a great idea. Choose your favorite picture of your little one and have your tattoo artist duplicate it on your skin. This way you can remember how your child looked in that picture every time you look at the tattoo. Of course, creating a tattoo portrait is not very easy and you need to choose an artist who has ample experience in portraits.

In case this is your first tattoo, do keep in mind that there is a lot of care involved. Some of the health risks of getting a tattoo include allergic reactions, infections and keloid scars. Also remember that a tattoo is permanent and the only way to remove it is a painful laser procedure.

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