Can I get a tattoo while breastfeeding?

(July 22, 2010)

Tattoo While Breastfeeding

Getting a tattoo while breast feeding, has always been a debatable topic. A number of people have voiced their disapproval at the practice of this art form that tarnishes the body permanently. One of the primary reasons that most people don’t approve of body art is because of the fact that tattoo needles are a widely known cause for the spread of a number of diseases, if they are not properly sterilized. A child who is being nursed is being provided with every ounce of nutrition that comes from his or her mother’s body. All the foods that are being consumed by the mother are being used to form the milk in the breasts. Besides this, any illnesses that the mother has may also be carried on to the child through breast feeding.

There is no evidence to prove that tattoo ink mixes with breast milk, so the option of getting a tattoo while nursing a child should be discussed with a doctor. As mentioned earlier, however, the danger lies in infections that may arise from where the tattoo needle has pierced the skin. Any infection that may arise as the result of a tattoo may require medication, which is definitely not good for a nursing mother. Medications that generally counter skin infections include antibiotics, which will get mixed with breast milk and affect the development of the child being nursed by you.

Before getting a tattoo, it is always essential that you weigh the pros and cons of the exercise and reason with yourself about the importance of getting a tattoo at this stage in your life. Being a crucial time for the development of your child, it would go against your better judgment to opt for permanent body art while nursing. You do have the option of postponing your appointment with a tattoo artist till the time when you are free from nursing a child, thereby avoiding any untoward circumstance. The ultimate decision on whether you want to get a tattoo while you are breast feeding depends solely on you. Keep the health of your child at the forefront of your thoughts while making your decision and think of something that would be beneficial to your baby. If at all you have made up your mind to get a tattoo for yourself, it is always advisable that you consult your doctor with regards to the same before going ahead with it.

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