Safe Sleeping for your Baby

By Ashley | December 17, 2009
Safe Sleeping For Your Baby

It is very important to create a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in. Babies are unable to control the positions in which they sleep. They are also unable to sense danger or get themselves out of potentially dangerous situations. As such they may place objects in their mouth or get tangled up in clothes or bed linen. Many parents worry about the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS when putting their babies to sleep. SIDS affects a large number of infants up to the age of one year.

Research has indicated that infants that made to sleep on their stomachs are more likely to be at risk. As such it is recommended that you place the baby on his back while sleeping. It is common for babies to shift positions during the night. If this happens, you can gently roll him over and place him on his back again. There are also baby positioners available that help to keep the baby from shifting positions. Rocking or cradling the baby to sleep while he is face-up will make it easier for him to continue to sleep that way in his crib as well. The baby’s bedding must be chosen properly. It must not be excessively soft as it can bundle up around the baby and cause suffocation. Care must be taken to see that baby pillows or baby sacks are not too soft. You should also keep a constant check to see that the blanket or other bedding is away from the face at all times. If there are other caregivers in the house, they must also be made aware of these precautions.

The baby could become restless during the night if the room becomes too warm and uncomfortable. The baby must not be swaddled in too many layers of clothes. This can be very stuffy and discomforting for the child. Just a pair of soft cotton pants and a t-shirt is adequate. Avoid dressing him in clothes that have ribbons or strings on them. The room temperature must also be comfortable. A baby monitor is a good way to keep a track on the movements of the baby. The baby’s breathing can also be easily monitored now with the help of advanced baby monitors. Experts have found that babies that sleep in the parents’ room are at a lower risk for SIDS. A bassinette or cot placed next to the parent’s bed will keep the baby safe. After one year of age, the baby can be place in his own room.

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