Establishing A Regular Bedtime Routine

By Ashley | December 17, 2009
Establishing Bedtime Routine

Establishing a regular bedtime routine for your baby will allow him to feel relaxed. This will enable him to fall asleep quickly and also to get better quality sleep. It is recommended that you adhere to the bedtime routine as much as you can. Even when out of home, sticking to this routine will allow the baby to feel relaxed in unfamiliar environments. A bedtime routine must be set as soon as possible even as early as six to eight weeks. Consistency is good for the baby too and he will begin to look forward to it every night. This can also be a way to for you to spend some special time with your baby every night.

A bedtime routine must begin sometime before the actual bedtime of the baby so that you will have enough time for the entire routine. Simple routines such as a wash-up, getting into a diaper and night clothes and a song or a story while rocking the baby to sleep, work well for younger babies. The routine can begin in the bathroom or the place where you change the baby’s diaper and clothes, but it must always end in the infant’s bedroom. This ensures the baby that his bed and room is a safe pleasant place, and not just a place where is put away at bedtime.

You can plan your bedtime routine in the following manner. First, allow the baby to use up his saved up energy by dancing around with him or playing with him. This will allow him to be calmer and more relaxed when he actually goes to sleep. Then you can give your baby a bath. A warm bath is an excellent way to get your baby ready for bedtime. In case, the baby is not comfortable during a bath, then skip this part. Babies require a bath just a couple of times a week and so it’s fine if you don’t bathe him every day, especially if he doesn’t enjoy it. The next step can be cleaning the baby’s gums or brushing the teeth. This is a good habit which is best when taught to the child early. A simple game played with the baby on the bedroom floor is another fun way to spend time with the baby and get him ready for bed. Play a game that entertains the child without causing him too much excitement. Reading a bedtime story or singing a song is a great way to get your baby to sleep. Stories are known to also benefit the child in his language abilities. Paying soft music will also relax the baby and allow him to drift off into sleep.

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