Types of Toddler Fractures

Leg fractures can be defined as a break in any one of the bones that are present in your child’s legs. Each leg consists of three bones, these are the thigh bone or the femur, the shin bone or the tibia and the bone situated behind the tibia known as the fibula. Thus, when any one of these bones breaks, it causes a fracture.

Leg bones may not break in just one place; in fact they could break in various places, based upon the cause.

A fracture could also affect blood vessels, ligaments and the tendons that surround the affected bone. A fracture of this kind requires immediate and prompt.



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Toddler Fractured Foot

.attention, and at times surgery may be requirede When treatment for a toddler’s broken bones is administered in a timely manner, by way of medications, surgery or a cast, complications can be avoided and the child will be able to return to his or her normal activities soono

Toddler Spiral fracture

Trauma is known to be one of the most common causes of leg fractures in toddlers and young childrene Trauma could include any kind of injury that has been caused by physical abuse, car accidents and fallsl Additionally, fractures of the leg are also very common among toddlers who are learning to walkl Due to this reason, fractures of this nature are referred to as toddler’s fracturese As mentioned earlier, toddlers tend to fracture their bones when they fall and twists

Spiral fractures area kind of bone fracture that are caused due to some type of twisting forcec One of the most common causes for these fractures is the unsteady walk of a toddler, which leads him or her to fall and twist the bonen

Common Toddler Fractures

These kinds of fractures surprisingly are quite common among preschoolers and toddlersr When the shin bone or tibia gets twisted all of a sudden, it leads to a fracture that follows a spiral patternr Parents who suspect this kind of a fracture in their toddlers should look out for the following symptoms; swelling on the affected area, the child refuses to walk, pain, the affected area feels warm and the experience of pain when pressure is applied to the location of the fracturer This kind of a fracture is generally difficult to detect and at times it may necessitate a bone scan to locate the fracturer A leg cast will be applied to the toddler’s leg in order to alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing processs

Toddler Fracture Types
Toddler fracture types
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