Toddler Skull Fracture

Toddlers can be a total joy to watch. Their movements and actions can brighten any room and adults never seem to tire of watching toddlers move around, doing what they like. As toddlers take their first few steps, parents are thrilled and overjoyed at the achievement of this milestone.

There are times, however, when toddlers tend to fall because of their imbalance, and injure themselves. Most often, a slight bump does not give any cause for concern, but toddlers, being as delicate as they are, parents always worry about them.


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Toddler skull fractures are not rare and can be the result of many different causes. Children who fall on the face while walking around may experience great impact to the skull, causing a fracture.

Toddler Skull Fracture Symptoms, Treatment

Toddler skull fracture symptoms are easily noticeable, the first of them being loss of coordination of the eyes. Other common symptoms include nose bleeds that are constant and throbbing pain felt in the area of the impact, long after the injury. The best way to check for a skull fracture is to have an x-ray.

Toddler skull fracture treatment is carried out by first assessing the extent of the injury and then following the doctor’s advice on the bandaging of the skull and medication.  The most common of all toddler skull fracture problems is the fact that toddlers experience immense pain that cannot even be relieved by pressing the head. Besides this, toddlers cannot really express themselves completely and will get irritable because of the discomfort they are experiencing. More on toddler fracture

With the occurrence of a toddler skull fracture infection setting into the wound is highly unlikely, because of the fact that the fracture is an internal wound and is not exposed to germs that will cause infection. Similarly, a toddler skull fracture disease arising out of the injury is highly unlikely, though parents need to be careful to ensure that no impact is experienced in the area of the injury while it is still healing, as well as after it has healed.  The most important thing for any parent to remember is the fact that there is no better medicine than the love and support that you can give your child during his or her time of need. Suffering an injury such as a skull fracture can be devastating for a toddler and making them as comfortable as possible will work wonders in helping them back to full health.

Skull Fracture In Toddlers
Toddler skull fracture
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