Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

A healthy diet during pregnancy is very important. You need to pay close attention to what you put in your mouth when you are a mum-to-be. From the kind of food to the number of calories to the quality of food, everything is important in a healthy diet for pregnancy.

Well-balanced and nutritious meals are very important in maintaining your health as well as the health of the unborn child. Healthy pregnancy diets will require you to increase the consumption of some types of vitamins and minerals like iron and folic acid and avoid junk foods that are packed with empty calories. Do remember that when you are pregnant, your body will be more efficient in managing the nutrients that you eat.


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Healthy Second Trimester Diet

While everybody will tell you that you will need to eat for two, the truth is that you should not over eat. Only in the last trimester will you need 200 more calories every day. What you will need to do is incorporate healthy foods in your diet. So let’s say you have been snacking on fried stuff, then replace these with salad sticks and corn nachos with delicious dips.

Pregnancy Appetite

You own appetite will be an indication of how much you need to eat. While charting out a healthy pregnancy diet, do remember to choose your foods well. Include nutritious foods as well as a variety of foods. You must include adequate amount of dairy products as these are rich in vitamin B-12 and essential amino acids. Buttermilk, yogurt, skimmed milk, and cottage cheese are some of the options. You must also include all sorts of cereals, lentils, and whole grains in your pregnancy healthy diet because these are rich in protein.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as fibre.

If you aren’t a vegan, then you might want to include poultry, fish and meat in your diet because these are rich in protein. If you are a vegetarian, then you can include legumes and nuts. Do drink a lot of fluids to stay hydrated. Carry a bottle of fresh water with you, when you go out shopping or to your work place. For other times, fresh fruit juices and clear soups are a great idea too.

You might also want to avoid saturated fats while cooking your food. Try cooking with olive oil or canola oil. Eat freshly cooked foods and when you eat out, choose your restaurants carefully.

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