15 Month Baby Milestones - A Discovery of New Abilities

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 14, 2012

The happiness that parents get when they see their baby smile for the first time, walk or say mom and dad cannot be compared to anything in the world. The experience of sharing each and every moment with your child and watching them grow is something that cannot be expressed in words but can only be felt. There are a number of 15 month baby milestones that you will witness, and as your baby is growing, you will expect him or her to keep revealing new discoveries and abilities each day.


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Apart from constant changes in the physical appearance of your baby, you will find babies at this stage talking a lot. Your baby would in fact have established a small vocabulary by now and apart from saying "mama" and "dada", may even say a few other words such as "ball", "dog" and so on. "No" is their favorite word and babies at this stage may tend to use it most casually and frequently.

Your baby is probably trying to build his/her steps and by now should be able to stand on his/her own, walk sort distances and one of the common 15 month baby milestones is when your little one crawls up the stairs. 15 month Baby milestones include your babies listening to whatever you say and obeying small commands such as putting the toy back in its place or bringing a book to you.

One of the striking 15 month baby milestones would be the rapid learning ability. Your baby might even able to point out and tell you the different parts of the body or other objects. Your child will want to drink only from a cup by this time and would even able to feed himself/herself by using his/her fingers. Babies at this stage will let you know that they want something by pulling you or pointing towards the particular object, and if nothing else works, crying and yelling are the best weapons that they have. In some cases, babies might even be able to scribble on a piece of paper. They will try to talk increasingly and this is the time where their grasping power is tremendous. A good way to encourage your child to talk is by listening to him. No matter what they say and even if you cannot comprehend a word of what they are trying to tell you, you should make it a point to maintain eye contact with them and respond and react to whatever they are saying. You need to teach your child good habits and use the positive reinforcement technique rather than punishing them for inappropriate or dangerous behavior.

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