The Perfect 10th Baby Milestone

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

The nine enduring months of pregnancy seem fulfilling the very first time you hold your baby in your hands and from then on, every moment with your child is a memory to cherish and the joy of seeing your child grow before your eyes is priceless. You will be in for a lot of surprises with the 10 month baby milestones, wherein your baby is growing each day. All the while your baby has spent most of the time lying on the floor and enjoying the view of the ceiling and other things around, but by the 10th month you will find your baby wandering out of your sight as he or she will be crawling all over the place. Your baby will even try...


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.to stand by holding onto furniturer At this stage your baby should be able to sit on his/her own and begin exploring the place aroundn

The remarkable improvement in the movement of their hands is one of the important baby milestones, wherein they are able to grasp food by using their thumb and forefinger and thereby put it in their moutht You will also find your baby putting items or toys on top of each other, or simply stacking them up in one cornere

'10 month baby milestones' also include the attempts of your baby to try and speak, wherein you will find them responding to general things that you say to them and there is also an ability to communicate with gesturese Some babies by this time will also be able to say "mama" and "dada"t There is also development of cognitive and communication skills, with the baby even understanding when being told not to do a particular thing, however, they might not necessarily respond to iti They will be able to roll a ball to you and as their memory is increasing they are able to retain things and are capable of pointing out to the right picture if you ask them to do sos In a few other cases, 10 month baby milestones may include the baby drinking from a cup on their own, stand on their own or take a step forwardr It is important that you keep away any sharp objects or other such objects that can be harmful to your baby as they are very capable of holding onto anything that befalls their gaze, which can be quite dangerous at timese You also need to be careful of what you leave lying around, because at this stage babies also tend to taste and bite at everything as a means of exploring the world aroundn

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