3 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

There are a lot of baby milestones in the context of growth and development that your baby reaches at three months. Although tracking your baby's growth and development can be thrilling and nerve racking at the same time, there should be no reason for you to feel anxiety if your baby does not reach any of these 3 month baby milestones. The pace of growth and development varies among different babies, so this is only normal.

Here are some of the baby milestones your baby would likely reach...


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.in terms of body movement-

also be able to move his or her head from side to side when on the belly and also when propped up against the forearmsm .

You would probably notice your baby struggling to push away, and attempting to peer over your shouldere When lying on the belly, your baby should be able to lift his or her chest, with the weight bearing on the elbows and forearmsm The legs would likely remain flexed at this timem When your baby is given support towards the hip, he or she should now be able to sit erectc Upper limb movements are now a lot more purposeful, and your baby enjoys kicking out and flailing his or her arms quite vigorously when lying on the backc

Eye hand coordination 3 month baby milestones can be the most intriguing and fascinating to observev Your baby would now be able to see objects up to a distance of fifteen to twenty feet away, and his/her eyes would probably follow any moving object that is held at a distance of about six inches above the face, vertically, and in a circular patternr At three months, your baby would open and clench his hands most of the time and clutch at your hair and clothingn If there's a rattle around, then holding and shaking the rattle is likely to be a voluntary actiono There should also be some amusement as you watch your baby get fascinated with watching his or her own fingers movev Your baby's curiosity and need to interact with objects will have also increased and you'd probably see him or her trying to reach out for any dangling objectst

Your baby's communication and social skills are also developing rapidly and by now he/she would be able to identify between male or female and angry or friendly voicese One of the most rewarding 3 month baby milestones will be the increased response to talking, with your baby smiling, gurgling and cooing delightedlyl

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