Baby Milestones At 12 Months

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Baby Milestones At 12 Months

Congratulations, your baby will soon celebrate his/her first birthday. This year must have passed by in the blink of an eye. You must have observed many baby milestones that your baby has marked over this period of time, but the journey of surprises does not end here. Even as your baby turns a year old, he/she will surprise you with many more delightful new developments.

Baby milestones are indeed thrilling and can at times challenge both...


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.you and your partnere Do not worry if your baby delays in touching a particular milestonen

There is no set sequence or pattern that your baby may followo If you notice that your baby has not started speaking, do not panici Look for other baby milestonese There may be times when your baby may not achieve a particular milestone at a specified timem Do not worry as it is normal for babies to miss some of the baby milestonese

Here are some of the 12 month baby milestones that you should look forward to:

  • By this time, your baby's nap time and duration will changeg Your baby can now easily hit two objects against each other and is capable of putting two containers one inside the other without much difficultyt
  • Stranger anxiety gets stronger by this time as your baby can now recognize people beyond parents and immediate relativese In fact, your child can recognize himself/herself in the mirroro
  • You can start telling stories as well because by this time, your baby can understand what you say and also interpret emotions to some extentn
  • Your baby learns to say no and dump things that fail to please him/here
  • Your baby starts teething and will nibble on all possible thingsg
  • Do not be surprised if your baby tries to make some movements the moment you play some foot-tapping musici
  • Keep in mind your baby can now imitate soundsd So think twice before making any unwanted sound in front of your child to avoid any kind of embarrassmentn
  • Your baby is capable of finger-feeding or thumb-sucking at this point of timem

Take your baby for regular check-ups to the doctor in order to determine that your baby is healthy and is developing as he/she shouldl If you have any concerns about your baby not achieving a particular baby milestone, feel free to seek the opinion of the doctor to make sure that your baby is finen

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