10 Exciting Vacation Ideas for Toddlers

Submitted by Jenifer on April 24, 2013

Hiking, mountain-climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping etc. may have all been your choice of vacation or things that you choose to do on a holiday but with your little toddler now in the picture, you may have to think of other safer and more child-friendly holidays.


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Planning a vacation with the newest addition to the family might seem like a big task at first. There are many things that need to be kept in mind before you embark on the planning route. Ideal vacations for toddlers would be spaces where they could run around freely with fewer boundaries of time and space like the beach or a cottage by the hill.

At that age, toddlers find it hard to adjust to too much noise or crowds around them. They might end up getting cranky, may be unusually quiet or may become fussy about food. It is recommended that families with toddlers should plan their vacations during non-holiday periods that is in the late spring or fall as these are generally non-peak seasons for most holiday destinations.

Here are ten great vacation ideas for toddlers:

  • Beaches - beaches are a great vacation spot for toddlers and young children. However, it is important to do your research and check for a place that has calm waters, clean sand, and attractive sights and amenities for families. Most families now look for vacation homes on beaches to rent, as they provide babysitters and built-in playmates.
  • Farm and ranch vacations - ranch resorts are also really ideal for toddlers as they usually have farm animals with petting zoos that children are very fascinated by, offer pony rides, have kiddie-pools, indoor waterparks, hobby stations, and many other outdoor activities.
  • Cruises - most cruise lines cater to families and have massive indoor and outdoor play spaces, fun-filled activities on board, children's programs, and kiddie pools. They also offer great nursery, baby-sitting and playmate amenities. Although you may want to check on minimum age restrictions that some cruise liners have.
  • Mountain resorts - this is another viable option for families as most mountain resorts offer good deals during the fall and summer. Most of these resorts also have good amenities and facilities for children with child care centers and organize a spectrum of kid and family activities.
  • Nature resorts - toddlers love nature and tend to be in their element in natural surroundings. Wildlife resorts make for great family vacation spots as toddlers get to see animals that they have only so far seen in storybooks. Many wild-life resorts are child-friendly with good facilities for toddlers. They also offer bikes with tote-trailers so you can take your little one on a bike ride down a nature's trail. This is also a great way to nurture in your toddler a love for nature.
  • Theme parks - make for a fun-filled and affordable vacation. Most theme parks offer packages to suit different budgets. They come with baby care centers that offer restrooms with child toilets, feeding spaces with high chairs, changing tables, bottle warmers, strollers on rent, and even have special privileges for families with young children on attraction rides. Toddlers however can be a little miffed by crowds and set schedules that are different from theirs, so you might want to choose to go to theme parks in the non-peak season as well with lighter and flexible schedules.
  • All-inclusive resorts - are becoming very popular for family vacations due to their condominium style properties and their extensive facilities for little children. Some services that they offer are vacation nannies, free children's activities and programs, family suites with kid's rooms, waterparks with special space for toddlers, and special toddler meals. Since everything is inclusive, you can be at peace knowing you have paid a fixed price for your vacation and don't have to worry about additional or hidden costs.
  • Lake vacations - work well for families with little ones as they have calmer waters as compared to the sea and children can enjoy picnics, fishing, playing in shallow waters, and collecting pebbles and shells. Most of them also offer good childcare centers and other attractions that are great for the entire family.
  • Indoor water parks - parents prefer indoor water parks as they provide a water spaces for children to play and splash around safely. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy the benefits of the waterpark and they also have great facilities and amenities for toddlers and babies. Some indoor water park resorts also offer added attractions like story time shows, puppet shows, magic shows, free life jackets, and many more kid-friendly activities.
  • City vacations - can also be a good option for families with toddlers as some cities have zoos, museums for children, and aquariums. Most cities also offer child friendly hotels and restaurants that have high chairs, kitchens, and spaces to relax when children are sleeping.


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